Anthony Marshall Gets 1 to 3 Years for Astor Fraud

astorplace.jpg Our long national nightmare is over: Anthony Marshall, heir to the Astor fortune, has been sentenced to one to three years in prison for defrauding his mom, Brooke Astor, of millions of dollars. The 85-year-old Marshall overturned a table and battled court officers for several minutes before being dragged off to jail, screaming curses and rap lyrics. OK, actually Marshall was quiet and leaned on a cane; the judge ordered him to surrender himself on January 19. His buddy, lawyer Francis Morrissey, is expected to be sentenced soon for helping Marshall forge his mother's signature on a will.

Marshall was looking at 25 years. His lawyers argued that any prison time would amount to a "death sentence" on the aged convict. But his mother made it to 105, so we expect his genes will see him through.

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