Crime Beat: Brooklyn Dog-Killer's Plea Deal is Killed. (And Michael Vick Wants to Have Dogs Again.)

The ultimate put-down: Oreo, after owner Fabian Henderson threw him off a roof and before the suffering dog was euthanized.

Scumbag dog-killer Fabian Henderson won't get off easy with probation after all, it seems. The Brooklyn teen threw his pit bull, Oreo, off the roof of Red Hook Houses last July, and the poor dog survived the six-story fall with broken legs. (Details in Roy Edroso's "Justice for Oreo" last August.)

A plea deal on animal-cruelty charges was struck, because attempted dogicide is, in effect, not illegal. But Oreo had to be put to sleep, so Justice Cassandra Mullen decided yesterday to throw the deal out. Memo to Henderson: You screwed the pooch.

Of course, so did Michael Vick, and now that he's out of prison, he told Newark schoolkids yesterday, he wants to have dogs again, USA Today reports.

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