Have you seen: a missing senior in the Bronx (UPDATED: Found!)

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Raymond Lee, 67m of Park Avenue in the Bronx, was last seen on Wednesday leaving his home. Lee, who is african american, 6'2" and 160 lbs, was wearing a brown jacket, grey shirt, khaki pants and black shoes.

Update: Police say Lee has been found in good condition.

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If these politicians were as good at governing as they are for photo-ops, this province would be in great shape financially. You realize, of course, that the program was initiated by the Federal government and that the feds put up half the money.That had me wondering, considering veterans are a federal responsibility. Maybe the Feds got the vets and the prov got the other seniors? Good ol Sun reporting, leaving more questions than answers.What about all the grant cuts to not profit organizations such as seniors' centres and drop-ins? These grants are the necessity of life for the growing senior population. Some grants are sparsely given by the United Way, but far from enough to cover all the organizations involved. I know some people working in these places that are so underfunded. Many of the people and volunteers (not directors) working there are caring individuals who work from their heart but many of them are so overworked to the point of burnout as directors continuously pile more and more work on them, and still insists on getting the job done. With added pressure on the work force, atmosphere changes, moral begins to get low, employees and volunteers quit, employees get fired for not being able to keep up, volunteers begin to stray away from these centres as they don't need the added stress in their lives. And it's getting worse. Something really needs to get done here before these centres begin to close down. I certainly have no fondness or affection for the Liberal government, but I think it's only fair to give credit where credit is due.the feds gave them money to do it



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