Michaelangelo Pinzon, Queens Photographer, Pleads Guilty to Child Sex, Porn

Back in 2007, Michaelangelo Pinzon -- or, as he was known in Queens, where he used to have a studio, Michael Star -- was arrested on child porn charges, made bail, and jumped it. Pinzon had a record, including a 2001 child sex abuse rap, and heroin smuggling charges on which he also jumped bail.

He went to Colombia, from whence he was extradited in 2008 and returned to a Brooklyn court. A review of the photographer's materials revealed that while in Colombia, Pinzon had sex with minors -- one as young as 11 -- and made photos and films of it.

Pinzon eventually pleaded guilty on the heroin charge, but it wasn't until today that he owned up to the photos. He faces up to 30 years.

The punch line? Back in 2006, Pinzon received a formal commendation from then-city councilman Hiram Monserrate, now best known known for cutting his girlfriend with a glass. "I did advise [Monserrate] that [Pinzon] didn't have a good reputation," said Monserrate's former consultant, Luis Castro, but Monserrate insisted.

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