Andrea Peyser: Cy Vance is a Pussy

Cy Vance has been Manhattan D.A. for three months now, and he hasn't dragged any mobsters to jail with one hand while waving an American flag with the other, so the Post's Andrea Peyser thinks he's a pussy.

"Folks inside and outside 1 Hogan Place can't help but wonder if he's up to the job," she informs us. Also, defense attorneys admire him as "one of their own," when they should regard him with "fear and awe," like on TV shows. Once these defenders start making goo-goo eyes at Vance, we may infer, he'll start turning their clients loose, plunging the city into chaos.

Also, Vance has according to Peyser an "agenda heavy on justice but decidedly light on the criminal part." For instance, he wants to find and toss wrongful convictions. "Isn't that job for defense attorneys?" she asks. D.A.s are supposed to fight to keep wrongfully convicted people in jail. That's how you get a reputation for toughness, like former Westchester DA Jeanine Pirro's, which is serving her well on her TV court show. Doesn't Vance want some kind of entertainment career after this?

Peyser also accuses the D.A. of "amateur gaffes." She names one: "He scheduled a fund-raiser at Eliot Spitzer's place, then canceled after the madam who provided the Love Gov with whores threatened to turn the soiree into a circus." That doesn't seem like much, and it compares favorably to the many unseemly donations our own Wayne Barrett found Vance's Democratic tough-on-crime primary opponent Leslie Crocker-Snyder received during her campaign. But in fairness to Peyser, there was no Love Gov connection in those cases.

We suspect Peyser's real beef is that Vance was "not on the streets of Harlem during the crack epidemic... but in the espresso bars of Seattle." Probably smoking cigarettes, too. Also: "I reached out to Vance, but he could not get back to me."

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