Braille Porn Is the Sensitive Ponytail Guy of Porn

One of Murphy's blind-friendly porn creations.
Just to put Boob Day to bed with a bang: Lisa Murphy, a Canadian artist, is making porn for blind people (except not exclusively for blind people--the sighted are invited to perv out enjoy as well, which is quite generous given that sighted people have all matter of material to perv out to enjoy already). As we've seen.

Now, there's no need to go into how we feel about porn at this juncture, but we would like to say that we've rarely seen such graphic imagery as this braille porn. Nor have we seen porn described so euphemistically, so gently and considerately and artistically. For example:

"Even sighted people want to touch it," Murphy, 35, told the New York Daily News. "Everyone needs outlets to use their imagination, whether they are sighted or not."


"What is really fascinating is that it provides access to something that only some people now have access to by blurring the lines of senses."

If this is the way you like to talk about sex, perhaps you'll enjoy Tactile Mind, $225 (CDN). You can also buy intriguingly named diagrams, like "Love Robot," "Posing in Snakeskin Shoes," or "Woman with Strap-On" for but $25 a pop. They'd look great framed!

We'll take a pass, but we do have to wonder ... what would Alexandra Ashley Dupre look like in braille?

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