Former John Edwards Aide-Turned-Professional-Rat-and-Porn-Entrepreneur Andrew Young's Latest Gig: Ethics Panel Speaker

You know when you see something on the Internet, and you start clicking around, as if to look for fishing line or wires or traps, as you ask yourself, Is this a joke?

You will have that moment when you click here and realize after a minute or two that, yes, former John Edwards aide Andrew Young -- who, when not shelling his tell-all about working for Edwards or shopping Edwards' sex tape around the country's media outlets, was last seen being sentenced to jail time he somehow weaseled his way out of serving -- is going to be a guest speaker on an "Ethics in Leadership" panel at the University of Washington's Evans School of Public Affairs.

To his credit, Young has firsthand experience in dealing with "Public Affairs." Unfortunately, that still doesn't change the fact that he has long since crossed the threshold from "whistle-blower" through "exploitative creep" to "slimeball." Thankfully, U-Dub's people are smart enough to delicately employ euphemistic language like "unique perspective on ethics in leadership," which, unless being read by an invalid, is a perspective easily understood by all as "underneath them." Though for a man of his stripe, his job and position considered, it's really anything but unique.


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