Newspaper Wars: Pissing Contest Between New York Times and Wall Street Journal Continues in Subways, On Facebook

It's been a while since we last reported on the utter insanity that the warring ad campaigns between the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal have unleashed on New York. Which is - somehow, mystifyingly, though satisfyingly - still going strong. And now they're getting aggro.

Check out this subway ad a tipster sent in: It's like that Jay-Z line from "Empire State of Mind" about making a Yankee hat more popular than a Yankee can. Another way of seeing it would be to take it as a pimp telling you how he "owns that ass" except in this case the pimp is the New York Times and "that ass" is the news that makes up our lives.

insane new york times ad.jpg

That said, the Wall Street Journal is going just as strong. Via NYC the Tumblr, check out how - on Facebook, nonetheless - they charge to point out that a story is theirs, without any explanation of how or why that context needs to be there. Doesn't this seem a little...much?


That said, the charity boxing match between NYT executive editor Bill Keller and WSJ owner Rupert Murdoch's personal Patton - Journal managing editor Robert Thomson - still looks a little far on the horizon. But at this point, it's definitely not something to rule out. I'd pay up. Talk about a good cause: proceeds could go to charity, and we'd get to watch two news editors slap away at eachother and finally get it all out, thus exerting public schadenfreude for Jay McInerney's wine column and something like 80% of the entire history of the Sunday Styles.


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