Ultra-Freak Pamela Geller on Barack Obama: 'The Man Has a Boner. He is Flaunting the Damn Thing.'

Pam Geller (left) makes Ann Coulter (right) seem left.
Now the purveyor of the anti-Islam bus ads, Pamela Geller has long had a bone to pick with Barack Obama. As our homegrown bikini-wearing bombthrower has put it in her must-read Atlas Shrugs blog:
[W]hy not tell the truth about Obama and his reported strange sexual predilections? My question is, it is well known that Obama allegedly was involved with a crack whore in his youth. Very seedy stuff. Why aren't they pursuing that story? Find the ho, give her a show! Obama allegedly trafficked in some very deviant practices. Where's the investigation? . . .

A hallucinogenic brew of teabagging and frenzied pro-Israel ranting, Geller could be the most fanatical right-wing, Muslim-hating Zionist in the city — and that's saying a lot. From back in November 2008, she sounded the trumpet after the Mumbai terrorist attacks:

"Every Jewish center, synagogue, community center should have a gun any shape or size. For every Jew a 22. They mean to kill us, do not get on the trains."

She's been dubbed "the looniest blogger ever" by loonwatch.com. But that seems unfair. All she did was claim that Obama is the illegitimate son of Malcolm X.

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