Betsey Johnson Revamps Eloise's $995-per-Night Room at the Plaza (Photos)

Eloise, the mischievous children's book character who famously lived in the "room on the tippy-top floor" of the Plaza Hotel, has had her digs redone by Betsey Johnson, and they're available for booking today. Johnson, known for bold, eccentric, and oft-wacky clothing designs, "tweaked her style" to the setting of a child's dream room and put together just the floor-to-ceiling black-and-pink multi-patterned space to have adults running for a Buddhist monastery, or the dentist. Oh, to trade places with a spoiled six-year-old...

The room is $995 per night -- $2,045, if you add the adjoining suite for parents -- not exactly a bargain vacation, but living like Eloise isn't an everyday luxury. Kids, you better not wipe your grimy fingers on the sheets or spill chocolate milk on the upholstered chairs!

Here are a few photos:

Eloise Suite - Credit The Plaza Hotel.jpg
via The Plaza Hotel
This is like crack cocaine for the elementary school set.

Eloise Suite at The Plaza 2 - Cresit The Plaza.jpg
via The Plaza Hotel
See what we mean?

Eloise Suite at The Plaza 3 - Credit The Plaza.jpg
via The Plaza Hotel
No, really, see what we mean?

If you want to book the room, call the Eloise Ambassador at the Plaza, 646-599-8365, and hurry because she told us the room is very popular and that the calendar is quickly filling up. When she's not answering the phone, her voicemail says she's "off chasing Eloise" -- so much energy, these folks!

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