Dildo Safe After Lower East Side Fire, Dildo Enthusiasts Relieved

You ever sit in your apartment and think:

Hm. If there's ever a fire in this here apartment, I'm going to make sure to save [my children/cat/diaries/computer/family heirlooms].

Sometimes, people think that, because, well, there are some things you just can't live without. And today, faced with that decision, someone acted in the clutch, and saved....

....their dildo. Which you could've guessed from the headline, but it's kind of hard to believe until you see it documented in full glory. Via Fireblog and Fresh Off The Boat, the blog of Baohaus chef Eddie Huang, Huang reports:

Everyone is ok! That's the good news. Fire on the second floor apartment above baohaus today. Everything's fine, but kinda nuts. Best part was when things got thrown out of the apt and a fucking dildo was in the pile. In a LES fire, leave the gun, bring the dildos. (photos by Ben Fractenberg)

No, really. Click to enlarge:


Well, some people have their priorities, and other people have their priorities. That said, good to know the Lower East Side still has a little freak left in it. Please, whoever's that is, for the sake of public health, make sure to sanitize that thing properly.


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