Ivy Bean, Oldest Twitterer, Dies at 58,591

It is never easy to say goodbye to people you've come to know so well on the Internet, as thousands of people on Twitter have demonstrated today at the news that Ivy Bean, the oldest recorded Twitterer, died this morning in Brandford, UK, at the age of 104. She is survived by a sprinkling of children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and 58,591 Twitter followers (and counting).

In only one year of tweeting, Ivy Bean raked followers in at an impressive rate. Everyone was fascinated with what she would have for lunch that day, or what she took with tea. Her inquisitions on the mildness of the weather were profound! She even captured the hearts of Prime Minister Gordon Brown, singer Peter Andre, and actor Richard Wilson.

In remembrance of Ivy, we've screen-captured some of her many special moments.

On what she'll have with tea:

ivy bean ham salad.png

On meeting the prime minister:

ivy bean pm toilet.jpg

On friend Edith turning 100:

ivy bean edith 100.jpg

Asking the big questions:

ivy bean soulja boi.jpg


ivy bean tea biscuit.jpg

On her beloved fish and chips:

ivy bean fish n chips.jpg

On ice cream:

ivy bean smashing.jpg

People tuned so closely to Ivy's tweets that if she went a while without any updates, they began to fear the worst. So she began tweeting when and why she would not be tweeting:
ivy bean waiting.jpg

Twitpics galore:

ivy bean sleeping.jpg
Documenting her nap on the way to London to meet the Prime Minister
In the end, her routine became everybody's routine; Fish and Chip Fridays were everyone's Fridays. And the Internet will sorely miss her. RIP Ivy Bean 1906-2010. It's only a matter of time before someone creates the IvyBeanAngel Twitter in memoriam.

[Annie Werner | on Twitter]

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