Judge Blocks Controversial Portions of Arizona's Immigration Law

Today federal judge Susan Bolton blocked the "most controversial" parts of Arizona's controversial immigration enforcement law -- including the part that would allow police to ask about the immigration status of individuals they stop for other reasons, and the part that would require immigrants to carry their papers at all times. The law will still go into effect Thursday, minus those provisions, which are "on hold" while Bolton continues to hear issues about them. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer told the AP, "I'm sure that after consultation with our counsel we will appeal." Meanwhile, an Arizona sheriff told Fox News that Bolton is an "angel sent from heaven." [Via NPR, NYT]

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I cant believe theres actually a chance of of us losing our own country legally. It never should have gotten this bad, I blame LBJ's immigration act of 1965 for opening up the flood gates and making us a potential minority majority.And Obama for supporting it. I have completely lost my trust in the Democrats and will never vote for them again.

Sincerely, @ Zena from http://www.advancedimmigrationlawgroup.net/ 

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