John "Buttman" Stagliano Off the Hook on Obscenity Charges; Jurors Get No More Porn

John "Buttman" Stagliano, a well-known pornographer, was put on trial in Washington, D.C., on obscenity charges because his videos were just that raw. It seemed un-American. "The case against Stagliano concerns the selling of movies performed by consenting adults to entertain adult DVD viewers who have chosen to watch these films," wrote a libertarian who took up the cause. Yesterday, all charges were dropped: "Describing the prosecution's evidence as "woefully inadequate," Judge Richard J. Leon this afternoon granted the defendants' motions ... and dismissed the five and a half remaining counts of the indictments against Stagliano." But not before the jurors had their minds irrevocably scrambled, made to watch hours of porn in a room full of people. It'll be a wonder if they can ever get aroused again.

True/Slant journalist Susannah Breslin has a great rundown of the trial, arguing that not only has "the internet has turned 'community standards' into an antiquated notion and sexual taboos have all but fallen by the wayside, it seems increasingly unlikely that the notion of "obscenity" can be taken seriously, especially in a court of law." But apart from the legal wonkery, think of the poor jurors, scarred by this experience. And for naught. Here's a peek into their trial lives:

Yesterday, jurors in the John "Buttman" Stagliano obscenity trial got a 50-minute display of milk enemas. Today, prosecutors turned their focus to a different substance. This morning, jurors viewed a 36-minute scene from Storm Squirters 2: Target Practice, a film about women expelling impressive amounts of discharge from their vaginas -- colloquially, "squirting."

Here the scene is described in great, wet detail. But the reactions are telling enough:

As the scene played, a couple of the female jurors remove their headsets, relieving themselves of the frequent sounds of gargling, gushing, and the two women choking on Lassiter's penis.

Now, the juror selection for this mess must have doubtlessly grueling. Hopefully everyone ultimately selected knew what they were in for. But it's not quite going out on a limb to say that the experience of watching particularly, uh, intense porn in a room full of old people in suits, crammed in a box, knee to knee with your peers, is a moment you can't really prepare for. And one they won't soon forget. A particularly well-adjusted juror will have dinner party stories for life. Anyone less stable may never enjoy alone time again.

Thankfully, our national milk enema nightmare is over.

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