Rightbloggers Go Alex Jones, Denounce Bipartisan "Ruling Class," Propose Groovy Revolution -- to Elect Republicans

tomt200.jpgRecently the top Google Trend item -- with "volcanic" traffic -- was "Obama Deception Censored." The phrase relates to filmmaker and Infowars proprietor Alex Jones' claim that his movie Obama Deception had been "erased, obliterated, censored" from YouTube via a hacked password.

(He doesn't explain why he didn't just make a new account and re-post his film, but you can always buy the DVD version of it if this wave of publicity has piqued your interest.)

Is the film yet another rightblogger-style blast against Obama as a fascist, insane, racist, etc? Jones' own description suggests not; Obama, he says, "works for the very same special interests that George W. Bush does" to help establish a "federal reserve dictatorship." Jones (below left) also denounces "the Left-Right paradigm" that masks this totalitarian reality from us sheeple. It may be nuts, but it doesn't appear to be partisan.

Still, this plague-on-both-your-houses schtick represents a market opportunity for rightbloggers who want to pull independents to the GOP for the next election.

As unpopular as Democrats may be at the moment, people aren't crazy about the Republicans, either. That's why rightbloggers have been insisting for months that the Tea Party movement is non-partisan, even though it's transparently a campaign to get super-conservatives nominated by the the Republican Party: They've been hoping the tricorners and Gadsden flags would convince people that the Tea Party is a genuine, independent Third Way.

(That's also why they flipped when the NAACP suggested that the Tea Party had racist elements -- racism being a big turn-off with the crucial youth demographic -- and why they always make good and sure to get pictures of the few black folks who attend their events to prove they're really biracial.)

So if a chance comes up to portray their let's-face-it-Republicanism, not as a partisan thing, but as something all true patriots regardless of party affiliation should join them in, they will get with it -- even if it seems a little nutty.

Last week an article by one Angelo Codevilla (below right) appeared in the American Spectator. Codevilla is a fellow at the impeccably right-wing Claremont Institute, so his provenance is no mystery.

In "America's Ruling Class -- And The Perils of Revolution," Codevilla spiced up the usual Glenn Beck boilerplate against the curse of Woodrow Wilson's Progressivism with a touch of the old plague-against-both-your-houses routine. Both Democrats and Republicans, he said, are part of a "ruling class" guilty of crimes against America. For example, in the 00's they both pressured banks to give mortgages to poor people, which caused the housing bubble -- according to conservative theology, if not history.

The cross-partisan elitists, Codevilla added, also show "disregard for the text of laws" -- the usual complaint of the conservative "originalist" crowd. Plus, they're anti-family. (Proper names used in this section: Hillary Clinton, Woodrow Wilson.)

Etc. In other words, both major parties have kept the People down -- with liberalism! People who actually remember what happened in past Republican Administrations will be flabbergasted, but the article is clearly not meant for anyone who can remember much further back than his last bowel movement.

If any of the brethren were too thick to get the message, Codevilla tipped his hand by explicitly stating that the Real America "has no alternative but to channel its political efforts through the Republican Party," giving Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan the traditional tongue-bath, and positing a "country party" composed of True Sons of Liberty that sounds like a John Birch fantasy of America redeemed from the Kenyan tyrant. This constituency, if lured out of their trailers, can be relied on -- in the absence of an independent candidacy by Ross Perot, Jesus Christ, or Walker, Texas Ranger -- to vote Republican.

Rightbloggers got it: Extremism in defense of Republican midterm victory is no vice!

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