The Media T-Shirt Project!

It's summer, and as we all know, many businesses get slow in the summer. Media is one of these businesses, and in media, you have to diversify in order to stay afloat, or something. It's bad enough you have to concern yourself with the terrible fate of blogger burnout in this heat! But making that extra summer scrilla, too? Well, we here at Runnin' Scared have found a cool way for us to avoid putting ourselves in danger of anything but helping you look cool.

Introducing our Media T-Shirt store! We're gonna start selling these bad boys to you, beleaguered bloggers, and media folk spending too much time at Tom & Jerry's and Destination to know what the hip kids are wearing today. Bet you didn't know about this "hip" V-Neck business! All of our shirts come in this shape so you can wear them in the "cool" neighborhoods of New York without looking "ironic" because nobody will know what your shirt is referring to in the first place....but you and your Twitter followers. On with the fashion show!

[For the record, all shirts are in Beta. They've also been (categorically) copyrighted. Finally, there is no news peg here, so if you bootleg these shirts, I'm gonna shove the Fair Use doctrine so far up your ass you'll need to go a size up just so these can fit around your throat. And if you are thinking about giving me press but ask for a free one first, I'm posting about it, you filthy SWAG-whore. I know how this works.

Just gotta cover my bases. You know?]


How could we not first start off with the greatest newspaper war in all the land? Mark your participation as a soldier with this commemorative NEWSPAPER WAR T-Shirt. Get yours before it comes to blows and WSJ editor Robert Thompson gets all "ARGY BARGY" up in the face of an unsuspecting Sulzberger.

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