New Jersey to New York: "Keep Your Low-Lifes at Home"

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Quinnipiac University conducted a study on the socio-political breakdown of New Jersey voters' opinions on the Jersey Shore and whether or not it's New York's fault for birthing the GTL crew. Does the Jersey Shore itself promote bad behavior or are New York's bad actors inexplicably attracted to Jersey's fist-pumping shore towns? For New Jersey residents, the answer is loosely tied to gender and politics.

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Are Depressed Preschoolers More Likely to Read the New York Times?

There's a lengthy piece in the New York Times that takes a look at the admittedly intriguing (and somewhat depressing) question: Can preschoolers be depressed? "Kiran," the 4-year-old featured in the story, was actually diagnosed with preschool depression or "early-onset depression" after maybe a year of saying things like "Mickey lies. Dreams don't come true." (Oh, man.)

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Family Offers $30,000 for Return of Grave-Snatched Grandma

via Long Island Press
Bizarrely, grave-robbers have stolen the body of Mattia Filippazzo, a Long Island grandma, from the mausoleum where she was interred with her husband at St. Charles Cemetery in East Farmingdale, New York. Why? The family has little idea, and Suffolk County police are apparently baffled as well. Law and Order, are you listening from the grave?

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Is the Fuck-You Finger Over?

NPR asks an intriguing question today. With so many -- of such varied backgrounds, ages, and degrees of fame -- using their middle fingers to express discontent, are we simply growing numb to the shock value of the bird? Does it need a replacement, stat? In the last few months, the gesture has been utilized by former NYC mayor David Dinkins, a BBC weatherman, copious numbers of celebrities, even maybe-hipster/tax-evading ex-day trader Marcos Esparza Bofill.

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New Yorkers: We're All Living Longer, But Dudes, You're Still Dying First

There's a new report out about men's health in New York City. The good news: We're all living longer than ever. If you were born in 2007 (and can read; if not, ask Mommy or Daddy to read this to you), you will probably live to an average of 79.4 years. But: Men die six years before women on average (at 76 as opposed to 82), meaning the cougar psychology may be more than just a pairing of sexual compatibilities.

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Germany Plans to Turn a Blind Eye to Job Applicants' Facebook Antics

If you're in Germany, you may soon get a job even with Facebook photos like this.
, the German government proposed a law that places restrictions on employers' uses of Facebook to protect workplace privacy. But the law, a nice gesture of respect for future employees, ignores Facebook's existence as a tool for weeding out crazies. Apparently just because something's on the Internet doesn't mean Germans have to look at it -- we don't get it. More »

More Muslim Hate Crime: Drunk Man Pees on Mosque's Prayer Rugs

Proving the stupidity and downright nastiness of bigots (did we need proof?), an apparently drunk man named Omar Rivera decided to pee on prayer rugs at the Al-Iman Mosque in Astoria last night. Beer bottle in hand, he also allegedly shouted anti-Muslim slurs, called the worshippers terrorists, and gave the bird, you know, just for good measure.

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Is North Korea's Kim Jong-il Playing Jimmy Carter?

We've seen this sort of thing go down before. Someone is all about hanging out with you, emailing, calling, texting...and then when you finally set a date and prepare to meet, he or she debarks for another country spur of the moment, or maybe even stands you up outright. Can such be the case with North Korea's Kim Jong-il, who had invited Carter for a visit and then took off via "special train" to China a day after Carter arrived in Pyongyang?

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Morning Links, the NYC Edition: Cat Woman Robber Busted; Sunny Days Are Here Again; Shepard Fairey Gone

• The cat woman robber -- remember her? The one who wore a cat mask as a disguise while stealing from a number of high-end boutiques? -- has been busted in Soho and identified as Shanna Spalding, 28, of Queens. As chance would have it, she also "sings with a death-metal band called Divine Infamy under her stage name, Purgatory." There goes that schtick. Now for Darth Vader. [NYP]

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The Joy of Despair: "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?"

Categories: Clip Job

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Clip Job: an excerpt every day from the Voice archives.
January 1, 1970, Vol. XV, No. 1

Films in Focus
by Andrew Sarris

"THEY SHOOT HORSES, DON'T THEY?" has finally come to the screen 34 years after the publication of Horace McCoy's classic wouldn't-that-make-a-wonderful-movie novel. I read the novel myself back in the '40s and I have been busy casting it ever since. Nowadays it would be hard to improve on Jane Fonda as Gloria, Michael Sarrazin as Robert, Susannah York as Alice, Gig Young as Rocky, Red Buttons as Sailor, Bonnie Bedelia as Ruby, Bruce Dern as James, and Allyn Ann McLerie as Shirl. All things considered, I'm glad the movie was made even after a 34-year delay. Director Sydney Pollack, scenarists James Poe and Robert E. Thompson, and producers Irwin Winkler and Robert Chartroff have brought "Horses" to the screen with considerable intelligence, sensitivity, and affection, and they have avoided needless flourishes of stomach-churning pseudo-realism. John Green's subdued potpourri of pop music is particularly tasteful in its avoidance of the temptations of self-parody.

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