Carl Paladino Generously Shared More Patriotic Porn Emails With Friends

The mischievous Buffalonians at have given the world yet another batch of over-the-top Carl Paladino emails he allegedly forwarded to a few dozen close friends. Again, there was no denial from Camp Carl, though campaign manager Michael Caputo suggested to the Daily News' Keith Lovett that they were of "questionable origin."

Maybe so, but they look an awful lot like the crop that the Tea Party champion owned up to like a man last spring. Back then, he told voters that if they object they don't have to vote for him, which came as a major relief. These messages don't include any of that low-IQ racism like the last sample, such as the photo-shopped picture of the Obama family getting down in African tribal dress for the inauguration. Maybe there's some dim cause for hope.

These are mostly photos and videos of spread-eagled young women in various awkward poses, plus one possible gynecological procedure. Professionals like ourselves, however, are like doctors. Our practiced eyes skip past the porn and focus on the datelines and the sender's email address. For one thing, it's kind of interesting that the Man-Who-Would-Kick-Albany's-Ass uses his work email address for this stuff, What, no one told him about Hotmail?

Or about the danger of misdirected messages? Those dizzying "Oops" moments when your porn shots land in the in-box of the state Commissioner of General Services just as he's getting ready to award a new long-term office lease?

Another fascinating aspect is that, if genuine, the emails clearly confirm Paladino's claims to be an "average Joe." Here he is worth some $150 million and yet his idea of a good time is the same as the rest of us: Give him a free moment and it's straight to the computer for some recreational smut. The new emails show that Paladino was mainly clicking away on Saturday afternoons and early evenings, presumably just before sitting down for a family dinner with Duke the Dog.

And even as he was girding his loins for the Big Paladino for the People campaign earlier this year, he wasn't letting it get in the way of a good time. On January 18, a day when true Tea Baggers were in Massachusetts helping Scott Brown win his Senate election the next day, Carl was at his computer sending around that gynecological video with a snappy note attached: "I found my retirement job!"

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