Daniel Montalvo, 19, Leaves Scientology, Which Convinces LA Sheriff to Jail Him For It (UPDATED)

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Daniel Montalvo, photo from Rathbun's blog
An amazing story is hitting the Internet today of 19-year-old Daniel Montalvo, a lifelong Scientologist who decided to leave the wacky cabal, only to find himself arrested by LA sheriff's deputies and facing prison time for it.

The tale comes courtesy of Marty Rathbun, formerly one of the highest officials in Scientology who defected and has kept up a withering takedown of the "church" on his blog.

Rathbun writes for fellow ex-Scientologists, so there's a lot of jargon and coded references in his writing. But here are the basics of what Rathbun reported.

Montalvo had grown up in Scientology and its most fanatical wing, the "Sea Org," which requires members to sign billion-year contracts and promise to serve L. Ron Hubbard's sci-fi cult, lifetime after lifetime.

As we've written many times before, life in the Sea Org is incredibly regimented and ascetic, with extremely low pay, long hours, and even meager food. Members tend to be tenaciously loyal to the organization, but many eventually have flameouts, some spectacularly so.

In this case, Rathbun suggests that what precipitated Montalvo's crisis in faith was an article in Freedom, Scientology's propaganda magazine, which attacked Rathbun and some other high-ranking members who have defected in recent years. Among those attacked was Tom Devocht, who Montalvo knew personally -- and that personal knowledge convinced Montalvo that Freedom's claims about Devocht were lies. That moment of clarity convinced Montalvo to look for some outside guidance. Going online, he found Rathbun's blog and made use of it to contact Devocht. Montalvo began to think seriously of leaving Scientology.

The problem for Montalvo was that just as he was coming to that conclusion, the particular Scientology group he was working for became targeted for one of Scientology's infamous security crackdowns. Montalvo knew that shortly, he'd be strapped to an ersatz lie-detector machine and forced under incredible psychological pressure to admit to any "crimes." He knew that he'd be unable to hide from his employers that he'd dared to read anti-Scientology material on the Internet and that he'd made contact with former members.

So he made a break for it. Rathbun describes what happened next...

The kid only had a hand held text message sender and receiver, no phone. We coordinated his route out, lost all our tails, and picked him up at a pre-designated spot.

We took him to a far away Deli and delighted at watching him eat a cheeseburger and fries with his eyes lit up like he was ingesting an eight course gourmet feast...

Montalvo, Rathbun writes, had taken with him a couple of hard drives that had music on them, but they also had material from Bridge Publications, the place where he worked and that is responsible for publishing all of Hubbard's malarkey.

Rathbun writes that he and the others advised Montalvo to return the hard drives immediately, and he did, via a messenger service.

They then helped him get to Florida, to join Tom Devocht, who had offered to house him and find him a job.

There, Rathbun says, Devocht and Montalvo faced a siege of pressure from Scientologists, including Montalvo's family, to give up his flight from the organization.

"Tom fought them off like a she-gator protecting her young," Rathbun writes.

But eventually, Montalvo did want to talk to his mother. When he called Scientology to do this, however, he was put through to Kendrick Moxon.

Oh, believe me, we know all about Kendrick Moxon.

This miserable excuse for a human being is an attorney and attack dog for Scientology, and we've been writing about him for more than ten years. For a lengthy description of how Moxon and the church used Scientology's money to convince a patsy to testify falsely against a church enemy by plying him with a job, a car, and even a home, see the story "Double Crossed."

Anyway, the young and naive Daniel Montalvo was an easy mark for the likes of Moxon.

Moxon proceeded to lie to Daniel that the hard drives were never returned, and made a convincing case (not difficult to do with a 19 year old who doesn't even know the three branches of government) that Daniel would be put behind iron bars for a good long time, UNLESS of course, he returned and cooperated with Moxon and routed out properly.

By "route out properly," Rathbun refers to the quasi-military nonsense that permeates Scientology. Montalvo was being told that he needed to leave the church in a more proper, by-the-book way. But that was just a ruse, Rathbun says.

Although Devocht told Montalvo that he was walking into a trap, Montalvo returned to LA like a good little obedient Scientologist.

Daniel was picked up by an investigator in a black car with blacked out windows. Instead of being taken to a hotel, where he could route out as promised, he was taken to the Century City Towers. He was deposited in an office on the 33rd floor where a pricy church lawyer interrogated him for two hours.

They were later joined by a detective of the LA Sheriff's Office, who was presented by Moxon with a binder of "evidence" of "a grand conspiracy theory, characterizing me as the 'anti-christ' of the church of Scientology," Rathbun writes. Montalvo was accused of taking church property -- the hard drives -- although he insisted that he'd sent them back.

Montalvo was taken to jail, where he spent 70 hours before he was bailed out by another former Scientologist, musician Tiziano Lugli.

Rathbun is not specific about what charges Montalvo is facing (we're checking), but he is making a public call for donations to pay for Montalvo's defense. In the meantime, Rathbun harshly criticizes LA Sheriff Lee Baca for allowing his department to be hoodwinked in this fashion.

Rathbun and Lugli and actor Jason Beghe and other former Scientologists are mobilizing to help Montalvo, Rathbun writes, a young kid "facing the penitentiary in thanks for the following sins: a) Leaving a lifehood of slavery to get a taste of freedom and the world. b) Refusing - despite every provocation and incentive and threat - to frame three guys who went out of their ways (and dipped into their pockets) to help the kid achieve that freedom."

UPDATE: Rathbun chimed in (see below) to specify that Montalvo has been charged with Grand Theft.

Tony Ortega is the editor-in-chief of The Village Voice. Since 1995, he's been writing about Scientology at several publications. Among his other stories about L. Ron Hubbard's organization:

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melizer like.author.displayName 1 Like

No one should have to have to make a desperate attempt at escape from a religion at age 19, he obviously did not make a decision for himself to get involved with it.  Shame on LRH and everyone who perpetuates this cult, but shame on any parent who indoctrinates their children to accept any religion.  I only had to move out of my parents' house when I was old enough.   

Joe Sicari
Joe Sicari

Justout of curiosity I'm not at all going to debate the fact that if the hard driveswhere the property of the "Church" they should have not been removedand in doing such Daniel may have committed a crime, but my question is why didthe legal team feel the necessity to communicate with the accused and have faceto face contact with him as well as not turning him over to the authoritiesright away. If the alleged theft did occur and was reported as soon as it was"acknowledged". I would think that by doing what they did  they now becomeguilty of obstruction of justice.


Thanx, Mr. Ortega, for these fabulous articles about what seems to be the most vicious cult of them all. Great journalism.


The Baca family is infamous in California for the STUPID boys they produce that run for political office.

Sheriff Lee Baca and Congressmen Joe Baca are nothing but easily manipulated simpletons.


"His first son, Lafayette Ron Hubbard, Jr., said "90% of anything my father ever wrote or said about himself is untrue."en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ronald_D..."

Which he later recanted with a signed affidavitt just before he died. Just google it, you should be able to find it.

"His second son, Quentin Hubbard, committed suicide in 1976.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quentin_..."

Yes he did. That is a tradgedy. What point are you trying to male? Are you saying that LRH was just human and had faults like the rest of us? Well he was and he did. So again what is your point?

"His second wife said he was insane:en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Hub... ....his first wife said this about him: "...the beatings, threats on my life, all the sadistic traits you charge - twelve years of it".en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Margaret..."

Yes, ex-wives are a great reliable source for to judge the character of their ex-husbands.

"His third wife was one of 11 high ranking Scientologists sent to jail for their involvement in Operation Snow White. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_Sue..."

Actually this proves the integrity of the Church. Even though the Snow White incident involved LRH's wife the damage was so severe that she was excomunicated from the Church. That proved that even the wife of the founder had to follow the rules of conduct, which the Guardians office evidently did and they were all punished severly for it. That was good enough for the IRS as shortly thereafter granted the Church religious status.

So "mike is a scientologist" YOU look deeper into the facts. And just because someone looks at the same data as you and does not come up with the same opinion as you, does not make that person brainwashed or an "osa-bot".

In fact, you guys have the same predictable response to anything the Church says or does. I mean you guys are even suggesting that the Church has Lee Baca and the LA Sherrifs (sp) in their pockects! That is beyond belief! Maybe Baca shows up to Scientology events becasue he actually sees the good works being done by church members in his communities. Maybe he gets his data directly from the field and not from the "ihatescientology" web sites and journalists.

Caladhiel like.author.displayName 1 Like

Mike..."Actually this proves the integrity of the Church. Even though the Snow White incident involved LRH's wife the damage was so severe that she was excomunicated from the Church. That proved that even the wife of the founder had to follow the rules of conduct, which the Guardians office evidently did and they were all punished severly for it. That was good enough for the IRS as shortly thereafter granted the Church religious status."

Man, where you going to get your "facts"? Any alteration of true facts is a lie. What you are complaining about on the internet is lies, what you refuse to also take into account is actual facts, based on actual events that happened to real people. If you want to be listened to and respected for what you say, you need to be yourself honest...fully, not selectively. Your intention, no doubt, is good and meant to defend what you hold dear. Nothing wrong with that. Just be sure of your "facts" before you put something in writing on the internet that can be challenged by someone who was there and knows the facts.


theres a few thing like Human Rights, and being a citizen of the United States and a constitution,that supersede any pretend obligation of a billion year contract from a phony para-military of the Sea Org. trying to save the planet. that acts and operates like a cult.

theres a growing list of over 1100 ex members of the cult who have chosen to speak out about the abuses there are hundreds on that list who are Ex-Sea Org members and former top Executives. who have experienced the horrors, degradation and extreme abuse.

when Daniel is ready to tell his story his name will appear on the list.


there are thousands more that remain anonymous that have shared their story. when history is written what side will you be on Mike.

Who will stand up for Daniel?
Who will stand up for Daniel? like.author.displayName 1 Like

There are more holes in the LA Sheriff department's report, than a slice of swiss cheese.

For example:

Why wait 5 days before filing a theft report?

How is it that the Sheriff can jail someone, set a $20,000 bond, and hold them for 30 hours without filing a report with the Los Angeles District Attorney? WTF???

And what about Daniels civil rights, which were obviously abused by private church attorneys who held him for over 2 hours in a coercive interrogation? Sounds like kidnapping (cult lied about where they were taking him), involuntary imprisonment, coercion, false accusations, threats, etc.....

Yeah......I think the Los Angeles Sheriff Department has lots of explaining to do....as to why they aided and abetted the above crimes against a traumatized teenager who had just escaped an abusive cult.

I hope the Los Angeles District Attorney's office and the Federal authorities have the balls to fully investigate this egregious miscarriage of justice.

Otherwise, George Orwell's 1984 has arrived and is living in Los Angeles.

A place to avoid if you want to hold onto your civil rights.


My last comment was restricted, let's see how this one does...Scientology is a religion. It has rules nad regulations. Believe it or not, people know these rules BEFORE they join. They are aware of the sacrifices they have to make and like any religous order, endure.The information found on the "ihatescientology" web sites are, of course, biased. When these allegations are examined under the true light of day they are usually ignored: by the FBI, the IRS, Amnesty International, the Federal Judge who threw out the Headley cases, even OSHA.

Your "ihatescientology" forums are full of stale streams where time after time, proper submittal to authorities are met with a yawn or better yet an official notice of "nothing there".

I have said this before, when you claim allegations as "facts" that may work on some cyber-level bullying, but it doesn't work in the real world. Your "protests" or "raids" have gone from dozens to single digits - if that!

Throwing stones anonymously may work for a while, but you guys are losing traction with each court decision or public official ruling.

From reading between the lines it is very obvious that this kid was set up, but NOT by the Church. That kid wasn't arrested for leaving, as some supposed "proponent" of Scientology suggested -- he was arrested for stealing.


Sandra Bonassi said "He's getting jailed because he stole from them and left without telling anyone"

1st)its allegedly stoled,the young man hasn't been convicted of anything yet.

he will get his day in court, 2nd)leaving a abusive cult that ignores human rights isn't a crime either.

only in the eyes of a cult member would the second one be a crime.


Good to see cult of $cientology stooges commenting on here because it means they have internet access. I'm sure they are heavily monitored but if they have access, they can learn the truth about the cult's criminal activities. Twenty minutes of research on the internet shows all of the evil things that the cult has always engaged in; from the lies and science fiction of L Ron Hubbard to the dangerous activities of $cientology today.The Daniel Montalvo story is par for the course.

Excellent article Tony. Log EVERYTHING that happens around you- written, audio, and video from this point forward as the cult of $cientology will target you for stalking and harrassment.

XEEEEEENNNNUUUU! like.author.displayName 1 Like

Sandra: What, people aren't allowed to leave without permission? That's a sure sign of a bad organization right there. (As for 'stealing', taking the music drives was a bad idea, but I have no remaining presumption of good faith where Scientology is concerned.)

Scientology is like the Church of the SubGenius if "Bob" had no sense of humor.

Sandra Bonassi
Sandra Bonassi

He isn't getting jailed for leaving Scientology! He's getting jailed because he stole from them and left without telling anyone. Jeez, journalism at it's best! Get your facts right bud!

Clam On A Halfshell
Clam On A Halfshell like.author.displayName 1 Like

Since when is it wrong to leave without telling anyone? Was he being held prisoner?  HE should sue THEM for false imprisonment!

WuKapauw like.author.displayName 1 Like

Tony Ortega has been on the case of this abusive business scam for years, good stuff. Do your homework, new readers, and look up the history of this discredited quack self-help system that cynically cloaked itself in the guise of a religion to keep the law away.

More, Tony, more. 2010 is turning out to be another banner year in the implosion of Scientology, and you are lucky enough to have a ringside seat. All the knowledge gained through the difficult and lonely years of the 1990s for those who dared speak the facts about the "Amway of religions" will come in handy during the final unraveling . . .

Thao Boswink
Thao Boswink

Appreciate your sharing this, interesting, book marked.

Mark Stark
Mark Stark like.author.displayName 1 Like


Daniel being 19 and raised in this cult, means he's got less knowledge of the outside world than your average 10 year old.

Although it was seeing Cruise's nutty video that first attracted my attention to the totalitarianism and delusion in $cientology, one can't help but believe the wealth of information available on the web -- including open discussion of $cientology and people's experiences in it -- is going to collide with the learning experience of all of $cientology's young people.

Even the high fence with inward facing spikes at Gold Base, and all the security checks in the world can't stop the internet.

It seems far fetched that the "planet" is going to be looking for the truth in a piece of outdated cuckoo like Dianetics, (sells 3 copies a week on Amazon) or at a cult "Org" when the rest of the world is finding the truth for free, on the web.

This is the cult which advertises that it will be featuring some of he same training equipment the astronauts use, at their new Super Power building, to expand the Thetan's "perceptics." I know what it'll do for people's perception. Make them think this loony is about as effective as Kirstie Alley's overpriced fk-a-duck fat plan.


The kid is better off in jail frankly. I'm happy the kid got his freedom. Now they are doing everything they can to stop him from having a real life. Simply returning the drives would do for a normal ethical organization. but of course Scientology has to "defend" itself.

Ellen Parker
Ellen Parker like.author.displayName 1 Like

The evil tactics in Scientology never change.

This is an example of Moxon's dirty work. Moxon wants to manipulate & exploit Daniel's age, lack of street experience, and naivet�o use him as a weapon to bring down Marty, Mike, Tom D. and whomever else DM wants to bring to their knees.

The cult's survival depends on parents abandoning the obligation to be parents in lieu of being good culties and turning over their kids.

So the past has proven that what happens to the children debunks the cullt's claims of helping humanity and it emphasize just how far off the rails cult really is in a way that cant be as easily overlooked as some of the other injustices done to adults who get duped into handing over their cash.

This cult acts like a bunch of slave catchers... "The Boss Masser COB says u can come Back to da Plantation".. U won't be whipped Boy."

It saddens me that this isn't happening in Sudan somewhere, but rather Florida.

-- Ellen


Hey Moxon, do the Cheauchescu. Go baby, yea.

Chris Hatfield
Chris Hatfield like.author.displayName 1 Like

What a wonderful article. Thanks for taking the time to research this.

What a manipulative, mafia-like organisation Scientology is!

Time Newssfeed has covered this, linking back to your article.

Kathy Gold
Kathy Gold

to Implant Ridder,

dude you crack me up lol. rofl :)

Sirene R
Sirene R like.author.displayName 1 Like

I unknowingly was hired by some of these Sci-nutz several years ago. I discovered wholly by accident that almost all of the "employees" were in the cult together -- they hired me and one other because they were desperate for our technical competence and naturally couldn't find an equally competent cult member to do our jobs (no offense to the innocents, but an advanced scientific education and sharply-honed critical thinking skills tend to keep people OUT of cults, eh? Well...IF you're ethical...)

Ever since I discovered WHY they were so weird (speaking in code, falling silent when I entered a room, showing ZERO emotion when the father of one of the women died, not comprehending why I was so heartbroken when someone I loved died, not understanding when I demanded that they protect me from an employee who was harassing me, etc.) -- and I quit that job -- I have been fascinated by how utterly nuts they are. They were so shocked when I quit. It was utterly foreign to them that I wouldn't just "take it", no matter how bad "it" was.


I also dated a former SeaOrg (he'd been out for almost a decade when I met him and still quite...quirky) who told me hair-raising story after story about the inner workings of this cult within the larger cult.

I truly can't imagine how anyone with an internet connection can fall for their crap. Ten minutes with Google and it becomes instantly obvious that 85% of their leadership belongs in prison.

How do they fool anyone? Why would ANYONE join them now that the cat's out of the bag and running wild all over the net?!? Is there anyone left on Earth (other than current cult members) who hasn't heard the whole Xenu/Thetan/suppressive person/e-meter nonsense and laughed their head off?!?


*&�(�&! I just see Daniel is 19 years old, so it can't be him. Please delete both my comments if possible :-)


Hello Tony,

I wonder if Daniel is the guy I photographed in 1998, whom critics at that time nicknamed "the green booger"?http://home.snafu.de/tilman/cl...

If yes, then would really be amazing. There's some similarity but I'm not sure at all.

Magpie like.author.displayName 1 Like

"Implant Ridder says:

It's wrong to compare our leader to The Penguin.Montalvo is the real criminal.He may be young, but as a being he has lived millions of times and knows better.There is no excuse for attacking Scientology ever.If you have critical thoughts, then you have undisclosed crimes.Fact!"

The more I learn about this evil cult - the worse it gets.

Ray Randolph
Ray Randolph

It's not just Kendrick Moxon (who has been guilty in the past of manufacturing evidence and evidence tampering). They've pulled out the big guns to try to destroy this boy.

They've brought in Elliot Ableson - Ex Gambino Crime family lawyer. Watch, and see how $cientology deals with defectors. They intend to crush this poor boy. Destroy him utterly.

Someone needs to do something.

Implant Ridder
Implant Ridder

It's wrong to compare our leader to The Penguin.Montalvo is the real criminal.He may be young, but as a being he has lived millions of times and knows better.There is no excuse for attacking Scientology ever.If you have critical thoughts, then you have undisclosed crimes.Fact!

Clam On A Halfshell
Clam On A Halfshell like.author.displayName 1 Like

If this is a joke post, then--LOL! If not, then--you're insane.

Magpie like.author.displayName 1 Like

George Shannon says:...Scientology will win this game. And we will know if you helped us or hurt us."

This threat pretty much sums up Scientology for me.

When I was 19, I went with a friend to a Scientology information meeting. halfway through, we got up and left...running. It was the only intelligent response.


So how much is Miscavige (and DM�s proxy Moxon) going to try to charge Daniel for Freeloader�s Debt?

David Miscavige will undoubtedly try to kick & stomp Daniel repeatedly in the balls when he is down (out of work, no money, no employment prospects, MANUFACTURED CRIMINAL RECORD, no skills in Real Life, terrified of losing his eternity) etc.


I am interested in knowing about parts of car. I need your help in this matter. I shall be thankful to you.

David Mudkips
David Mudkips like.author.displayName 1 Like

oct 9th Update on Marty Rathbuns blog:http://markrathbun.wordpress.c...

---------quote----------Daniel Montalvo continued to be under effective house arrest most of the day. A multi-agent Radical Scientology cult private eye team has had Daniel under surveillance full time since his release. Twice the investigators have made aggressive moves with their vehicles toward Daniel�s friend and host Tiziano Lugli.

This evening, Tiziano and Jamie took Daniel to dinner at a cafe on Sunset Blvd. A four car team of Radical Scientology cult investigators leered from across the street. When they finished eating, Tiziano and Jamie approached the PI team. As the two neared the pack of gangsters, team leader Mike Kelly (same guy who lead the JB surveilance team at Tiziano�s this summer; and surveilled Mosey�s and my arrival at LA International the week before last) screamed like a stuck pig crying he was fearful that Jamie and Tiziano were going to �mug� he and his three hired thugs. Kelly slammed Tiziano�s arm knocking his video camera to the ground. Jamie called 911. Twenty LA County Sheriff�s Deputies arrived on the scene aiming shotguns at all the PIs and Tiziano and Jamie. Tiziano and the pregnant Jamie were cuffed along with the PIs until the watch commander arrived to sort out what was going on. When they realized it was the Radical Scientology cult PI�s at work again, they gave Tiziano and Jamie a head start home detaining the PI�s in the meantime.

When the smoke finally cleared, Daniel had vanished.

Don�t worry. He is in good hands.------------end quote------...continued on the blog. See above link.

marten like.author.displayName 1 Like

If the criminal cult had nothing to hide they would not make so much trouble for 2 hard drives. They steal zillions selling people something that does not exist. They do not pay any tax. But they sue a kid who served them since it was born? That is disgusting!

What could have been on those hard discs that cannot be found on the web? Moxon should be debarred and the cult should be taxed since it is nothing, nothing that is of value they do.Is there any possibility to free the kids still locked in the Sea Orgs?Is there any possibility to free the people who are locked in Scientology Gulags?

Soltan Gris
Soltan Gris

Baca may be a wog, but he's our wog.In this humanoid society it is easy to use the policeman to further the clearing of the planet, specially when you know their withholds.

Ann like.author.displayName 1 Like

Good God, the kid wanted out! Let him go... Get over it you weirdos!

osa handlers
osa handlers

'Naive or not (probably not) the guy committed a crime'

mike, I don't want to be a jerk bit you OSA guys don't really have a reputation for any osrt of credibilty, can you produce the receipts as proof that these hard drives actually existed?

Office of Super Duper Special
Office of Super Duper Special like.author.displayName 1 Like

Yep. How much evidence does the FBI need to see that they're dealing with a criminal organization?

Office of Special Affairs for the Church of Scientology should be heavily investigated into the crimes they have committed over the years.

The problem is they usually get someone else to commit the crime, in this case it looks like the LA Sheriff's department fell for it.

Mary McConnell
Mary McConnell like.author.displayName 1 Like

Terrific reporting, Tony. Glad you picked up the story. You know how the snake Moxon works, and why. This poor kid deserves his freedom.

I pray that the terrible situation with all Scientology Sea Org kids is investigated. The injustices have to stop.

Mark Stark
Mark Stark like.author.displayName 1 Like

What next. The kid read the internet. That's really "out-tech." Ditto for thinking for himself and wanting out of the creepy cult in which he was raised. Only 19 though, so at least he has some life left.

What data on these disks could be so Xenu-awful important, that it would warrant this reaction?

If you leave this cult, don't take anything. Just get out. I think it is good now that Marty and others can make a stink about it.


Regarding the supposed theft, there are either:A) 1 hard drive (and a zip drive that would not hold any data, those are on cartridges)B) 2 hard drivesC) 5 hard drives

So far as has been related, the property stolen has not been described officially on the charge sheets. Once that's actually established, ownership needs to be established. Were these drives that were actually owned by Bridges? Or is it a much fuzzier case that these were end-of-life tech that was saved out of the trash can by Montalvo.

It's hard to say at this point but discovery's going to be interesting in the case if it proceeds to that point with all those outsiders asking questions and gaining the right to poke their noses into Scientology's business.

I look forward to the results. Good luck to the innocent and may the guilty get what they deserve.

Bonobo like.author.displayName 1 Like

OK,shall we do the numbers? Grand theft in CA is anything over $400. Two brand new hard disks might total around $400, but they would be really top of the line. It's a well known fact that Scientology computers tend to be old clunkers, like ten year old clunkers with IDE hard drives which are worth about zip. So, the data on the hard disks must be the valuable thing about them - which will have to be entered as evidence should this travesty go to trial.

cuckufarley like.author.displayName 1 Like

To Ex-Scientologistyour referencing Martys blog.

then you conveniently leave out the part about the Disks being returned by Messenger service. in an effort to slander and put things way out of context.

and accuse others of crimes. Marty wasn't outside the Cult compound when the young man chose to leave nor is there any prior knowledge expressed on his blog.

Nothing there suggests they are co-conspirators nor is there any admission of coercion or prior knowledge.

its an attempt by you to clearly misrepresent what was written there,

its interesting you choose the Nickname Ex-Scientologist. I doubt your sincerity thereHeres the blog in question, I suggest anyone who is interested in what is posted there not rely on what the So-Called Ex-Scientologist writes here


if I were to speculate I would guess your really an OSA Bot. playing your silly games.

Scientologist Forever
Scientologist Forever like.author.displayName 1 Like

Scientology's OSA slashes tires and dumps sugar in Jeep transmissions, causing far more damage than stolen hard drives. That makes them co-conspirators in my book. You need to watch your back if you protest the abuses and crimes of this so-called "church". Like Shawn Lonsdale, who lost his life to their dirty ops.


If the hard drives did indeed contain evidence of crimes, then the boy did not commit a crime himself by taking them with him.

Jill like.author.displayName 1 Like

Dora got it absolutely right, short and sweet:

"Thank you for your brave and continual coverage of the HORRORS of this organization. "

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