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....According to Linda's testimony, that night in 1998, McMahan's fourth wife, Cynthia, was at a spa, and a housekeeper was somewhere on the premises. "He opened a bottle of wine. He poured me a glass of wine, and we drank together." While they leafed over his writings, he began to tell her of his sexual relationships with past women. He preferred them slender with wide cheekbones. "He told me he liked to buy furs for women and have sex with women on mink coats."

McMahan, who was then around his 59th birthday, asked his daughter, 29, to move to his bedroom and watch the first 30 minutes of the movie Braveheart. He wanted her to see the love story and clandestine wedding that unfolds in the opening act of Mel Gibson's film because, Linda testified, it reminded him of his relationship with her.

Then McMahan really started to lay it on thick. Linda testified he told her he believed they'd been married in a previous life. Earlier in the evening, she remembered, he had pointed out that her legs were a "very sexy version" of his own.

"He asked me what it would be like to kiss me."

Later that night, he found out.

On his bed, he kissed her and ran his hand over her body, on top of and inside her clothes, she testified. The petting session lasted two hours, she recalled. When Linda said she was tired, McMahan suggested they sleep in separate bedrooms. After Linda returned to California, her father asked if she was OK. She said she felt confused.

Their first episode of actual sexual intercourse wouldn't take place for several months. For that encounter, McMahan arranged a fairly dramatic setting -- a hotel suite in London after a transatlantic flight.

Adding to the strangeness of this tale is that just about the time you started sleeping with your daughter, Bruce, she had begun dating seriously another man she had met in San Diego, a man named Sargent Schutt, who was originally from Mississippi (a seemingly trivial detail that later turned out to have a huge significance).

According to Linda's testimony, while her relationship with Schutt deepened, her boyfriend was oblivious to the fact that she was carrying on an affair with her own father, one that included salacious e-mails which eventually became a part of the court record.

There was this e-mail, for example, that you sent on September 10, 1998, after you and your daughter had bought each other matching dildos: "I unpacked the toys and checked them out. The thing excites me just looking at it. I promise you have never seen anything like it. Interestingly 'it' is actually smaller than I am! But what moves! I should have been so lucky. They are now packed into their own bag and I am going to make sure we have enough AA batteries to last for the duration."

That dildo purchase would certainly come back to haunt you, wouldn't it? But we don't want to get ahead of the tale.

Linda testified that even after she and Schutt had gotten engaged, and her wedding neared, you were still porking her with that bigger-than-your-vibrator tool of yours through the end of the summer of 1999 and "up until" the day of her October 1999 wedding. Finally, with her trip up the aisle about to happen, she cut you off.

You weren't happy about it, she said.

There was that strange toast you gave at her Sausalito wedding, for example: "This is the beginning of the end," you said, attempting to quote Winston Churchill. Linda said you never explained that one, and it clearly bothered her.

You moved on from the sexual relationship, but still wanted to keep Linda close, giving her a plum job as CEO of one of your nonprofits. Four years later, she was pulling in a hefty $10,000-a-month salary.

But at that point, in 2002, she announced at a family dinner that she planned to have children with Schutt, and you reacted angrily, telling her that children with Schutt was "not part of the plan." Then you kicked her out of her job.

That's when Linda and Schutt moved back to Mississippi, and a year later, her health began to fall apart. She'd inherited from you something called Reiter's syndrome, an autoimmune disorder, and it was giving her cataracts and attacking her heart.

Although she hadn't spoken to you since that dinner when you fired her, you reached out to your ill daughter, sending private jets to transport her to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. When she responded to treatment and began to recover, you insisted that she convalesce at your condo on Fisher Island, just off Miami, which is one of the most expensive zip codes in America. There, Linda could enjoy the spa at a posh retreat you had built to entertain your rich clients.

Bruce and Linda take in Paris.
Linda testified that when she agreed to go to Fisher Island, she made it clear to you that it would be a "strictly normal father-and-daughter relationship." You agreed, and even gave her another high-paid position in one of your firms.

But soon enough, you made your move. By April of 2004, she testified, you were sleeping with her again, and this time, you wanted to cut Sargent Schutt, her legal husband, out of the picture for good. You were eager to take the next step and planned another trip to London that June.

"We traveled to London for some business, and during that trip, Bruce took me to the Westminster Abbey and we exchanged vows," Linda testified.

Yes, vows. In Westminster Abbey, where the kings and queens of England are crowned.

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