The Plight of G-Train Riders, Perfectly Epitomized

The G-Train: the only subway line in New York City that doesn't go through Manhattan, the main rail between Long Island City, Greenpoint, Williamsburg, and South Brooklyn. Possibly the only subway line with its own beauty pageant. But a subway line of suffering.

G-Train riders are not wrong to associate their commute with, say, the story of Sisyphus. Their commute is -- even statistically -- the most existential, nihilistic one in New York: the G-Train breaks down more than any other train in New York. It's slow, it's dirty, it generally sucks. But G-Train riders, know that you are not alone in your pain. Via Peter Kafka's Tumblr, someone spotted this sign recently on a platform:

g train pain.jpg

It's not incorrect. If it makes you feel any better, G-Train riders, the L-Train denizens recently felt your pain. It probably doesn't. In fact, let's just face it: not much will.


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