This Week in the Voice: The Best of NYC 2010

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New York City: The Best in the World, no doubt. And every year, the Village Voice is as close to the eye of the swirling chaos that it is, and every year, we take one step back to say: this is the best shit in the best city in the world. Normally, 2010 would be no different, but this year, guess what? AMERICA IS BACK. And nothing says America like "Grand-Pronouncement-Filled-List-of-Superlatives." Hence, this week in the Village Voice:

The Best of NYC, 2010.

The categories break down into essays by our writers, and then, the respective awards:

In the People & Places category, Voice columnist Tom Robbins tips his hat to Old School New York City, proclaiming New York City is Back, as old-school coffee-slingers Chock Full o' Nuts -- the anti-Starbucks -- opens up. The complete People & Places awards list: right here.

In the Arts & Entertainment category, music editor Rob Harvilla explains how the best thing about living in New York in fall 2010 is worrying about rapper Nicki Minaj's debut. The complete Arts & Entertainment awards list: right here.

In the Bars & Clubs category, legendary Voice gossip and LCD Soundsystem-lyric fodder Michael Musto thinks we all have one party promoter to thank this year: The Gay, Bold, and Beautiful Josh Wood. The complete Bars & Clubs awards list: right here.

In the Food & Drink category, our food critics Robert "Rock Steady" Sietsema and Sarah "The Snakebite" DiGregorio along with food blogger Rebecca "The Massacre" Marx list their 10 favorite dishes from 2010. The complete Food & Drink awards list: right here.

In the Shops & Services category, Angela "A-Game" Ashman details What $150 Can Get You in NYC. Not that we recommend spending it all that way, but the beauty of this city? It's yours to spend money on, you rich motherfuckers. The complete Shops & Services awards list: right here.

In the Sports & Recreation category, Voice sports columnist Allen Barra kicks one between the uprights for your city, explaining to America that We're The Greatest Sports City in the World--and Proud of It. This goes without mentioning the fact that we'll be even better when we steal Cliff Lee next year. The complete Sports & Recreation awards list: right here.

What's that? Don't stop, you say? Just say "when," and we still won't. Elsewhere in the Voice this week?

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