World Smile Day: Currently Pissing Off Misanthropes Everywhere

via World Smile Day
Sometimes people are so wonderful and kind and perfect and perky we just want to punch them in the gut. Which is sort of how we feel about World Smile Day, which, you guessed it, is today! Whee! It's actually the 12th World Smile Day, which means our faces are getting tired.

Back in 1963 a happy and probably really great guy named Harvey Ballwell (known publicly as Harvey Ball) created the smiley face. You've probably seen it. Big yellow mug, squinty eyes, too-wide arched grin, kinda like your cracked-out neighbor?

That image went on to become the most recognizable symbol of good will and good cheer on the planet.

But then Ball got worried about how the symbol's meaning had become lost in our current jaded and deplorable consumerist society, so he created World Smile Day, a day on which you should smile and do nice things all day long. When he died, the tradition was carried on by his foundation.

In honor of today's World Smile Day, the joyful people in Orlando got together at a parking garage to don black and neon ponchos and stand close to one another to break the Guinness world record for number of people involved in the world's largest smiley face. Meanwhile, in New York, it rained and we glowered at tourists and kvetched on Twitter. Because that's kinda how we smile.

Okay, smiling is great, and we hope that you help someone else smile or whatever, but if you happen to be in a bad mood and want to see where that takes you, we recommend going to the World Smile Day website and listening to the audio of people cooing out over Macy's Fourth of July fireworks on a constant loop. This is exactly why there is not, and never should be, a "WHOOOOO!!!!! Oh my God, did you see that one!?" day. There could, however, be a "Watch a Cute Chinchilla Eat Spaghetti" day.

Of note: Ball never applied for a copyright or trademark and only earned $45 for creating the smiley face. Which means he really was just a truly kind, happy, perfect person -- or he was all kinds of f'ed up.


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