Stuff Crazy White People Like: 3 Ways Rightbloggers Deal (or Don't) With Race

tomt200.jpgYou may have noticed the controversy over last week's Voice cover story, "White America Has Lost Its Mind" by Steven Thrasher. The story has drawn at this writing more than a thousand comments, many of them devoted to proving Thrasher's proposition by example.

Among the more choice reader contributions: "Of course white people have lost their minds. they have to live with inferior niggers and leftie white trash..." "You've just proved to everyone who reads this that you and your fellow members of Diversity Gang are anti-white morons..." "The Democratic Party is an anti-white hate party... Look folks, if you're white, the left and the Democratic Party HATE YOUR GUTS..."

Surprised? We weren't. In the years we've been covering rightbloggers, we've seen these themes come up time and again, though usually in subtler forms.

The means of expression are diverse, but they tend to stick to three basic approaches which over time become easy to recognize. We'll lay them out for you after the jump:

1.) The "Race Card" Card. When confronted by accusations of racism -- real or imaginary -- rightbloggers often counter-accuse their accusers of "playing the race card" -- that is, using claims of racism as a phony excuse to get over.

Just this past weekend, for example, we had rightblogger posts imputing the playing of this card to a TV personality ("Race Card Playing Lefturd Bill Maher Calls GOP 'A Deadly Enemy'"), a Congresswoman ("Rep. Loretta Sanchez [D] Embraces the Race Card"), a basketball player ("LeBron James' Race Card"), and of course President Obama ("America's Half-White President Plays His Race Card"), among others.

Oh, come on -- tell me you don't think this is hilarious!
Rightbloggers love the term so much that they sometimes use it even when it has little to do with the subject. Last week, for example, lawyer Gloria Allred claimed California GOP candidate Meg Whitman had knowingly retained an illegal immigrant as a nanny. That the nanny was Latina captured rightblogger imaginations. Legal Insurrection accused Allred of "use of the race card for political gain" and "race card politics," and said she was "jumping the race card shark," etc. "Could they be even more transparent about playing the race card in order to get the Hispanic vote?" asked 24Ahead.

This outraged reaction to even inferred accusations of bigotry reflects a longstanding conservative notion (as expressed by such experts as Ann Coulter) that there's no racism in America any more -- at least, not racism practiced against blacks.

Rightbloggers have internalized this message to the point where they find just about any claim of racial prejudice risible, which has led to their mocking alternative spellings of RAAACIST, RAAAAACIST and RAAAACIST. Thus, if some guy puts up a sign that says "Obama's plan for health-care: Nigger rig it," that may be a bad thing, but if you say aloud that it offends you, you definitely have some kind of problem.

Now liberals don't even have to actually say anything for rightbloggers to go on defense. This week, for example, The Mad Jewess headlined, "Tom Sowell (Black) A 'Racist' For Telling Obama To RESIGN?" The Mad Jewess didn't say who called Sowell a racist; the video clip she included didn't explain it either.

But why would she bother? She and her readers are probably sure somewhere out there had done so. To paraphrase the old saying, it's always RAAACIST somewhere.

2.) There is No Such Thing as Diversity. Rightbloggers are allergic to certain touchy-feely terms they associate with liberalism -- for instance, "tolerance" (as in, "The word 'tolerance' is being (over)used to justify the building of a mosque at Ground Zero," etc).

"Diversity" is one that really set their teeth on edge -- particularly when it comes to large public events.

    Hey, whattaya trying to do -- indoctrinate me?
Rightbloggers have been hypersensitive to charges that their tea party rallies haven't exactly been brimming with black people. While tea party bankrollers have been addressing the issue with a "DiverseTea" initiative, their rightblogger fans have tried to refute the charge by running lots of pictures and videos of the few people of color who attend these things.

But their most reliable defense has been to claim that liberals aren't any better, and are perhaps worse -- as in the claim by Bruce Majors that "the flaks and cogs of the Obama regime all choose to live in lily white neighborhoods." (Majors, oddly enough, is the guy who wrote the guide telling out-of-towners coming to the big Beck rally to avoid Washington's black neighborhoods.)

So you can imagine that the October 2 One Nation Rally in DC, which was chock-full of black people and other minority group members, would throw them a little.

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