10 Best Signs We Saw at the Stewart/Colbert Rally

Rally Establishment Shot.jpg
Here are our top 10 favorite signs we saw at the "Rally to Restore Sanity
and/or Fear":

Sign 10 - Left Field.jpg
10. Arianna Huffington in "Left Field"
Before dawn, as Arianna Huffington corralled 10,000 people onto some 200-plus buses, she kept insisting there was nothing political about the rally. Yet look at the sign over her shoulder, showing just where the HuffPo buses were leaving from at Citi Field...

Sign 9 - Toilets.jpg
9. This guy is concerned about an abundance of slavery and lack of toilets if the clock is turned too far back.

Sign 8 - Palin Soft.jpg
8. This guy is concerned about what Palin does to his manhood...

Sign 7 - Boehner Boner.jpg
7. ...while this guy doesn't mind the Palin effect at all, but does bemoan the Boehner boner backlash

Sign 6 - God Hates Flags.jpg
6. This guy gets points for a Fred Phelps rhyming alliteration...

Sign 5- God Hates Snuggies.jpg
5. While this lady beats him for capturing the Westboro Church color scheme (and absurdly illogical message) perfectly.

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