Prude New York Times Blows Chance For Killer Internet Slideshow

Krystal Ball, Politican
Sunday's paper includes a fascinating Style section think-piece entitled "The Facebook Skeletons Come Out" about all of the 2010 politicians with embarrassing photos floating around online. "I think all of us know that politicians would have to confront the Facebook skeletons in their closet, but that it would be in 20 years, not in two years," said technology expert Anil Dash. Unfortunately, because of high "standards" (or something), the Paper of Record provides only one of the offending visuals! And it's a tame one. So here, enjoy!

Politician: Representative Sean Duffy of Wisconsin
New York Times line: "...overcame his bawdy past as a star on MTV's "Real World: Boston" in 1997 to ride a wave of conservative discontent into office. Some of Mr. Duffy's youthful indiscretions that were captured on film and dredged up by his opponents included a drunken toga party and images of him dancing on a pool table in his underwear."
Offending Visual:

Duffy's antics are surprisingly hard to track down, but here's a video slideshow of The Real World: Boston!

Politician: Representative Aaron Schock of Illinois
New York Times line: "Politics today is rife with examples of candidates having to explain why they were posing shirtless for pictures poolside with a skimpily clad woman..."
Offending Visual:


Politician: Congressional candidate Krystal Ball of Virginia
New York Times line: "...simulating sex acts on a toy..."
Offending Visual:


Politician: Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell of Delaware
New York Times line: "...carousing on Halloween night dressed as a ladybug..."
Offending Visual:


Politician: Representative Blake Farenthold of Texas
New York Times line: " surfaced right before the election of him wearing pajamas with little yellow ducks as he stood grinning next to a woman in black lingerie."
Offending Visual:


Politician: Rich Iott, Republican candidate in Ohio
New York Times line: "...shown in a photo dressed up as a Nazi for a World War II re-enactment."
Offending Visual:


Politician: Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau
New York Times line: "...groping a cardboard cutout of Hillary Rodham Clinton..."
Offending Visual:


You're welcome, New York Times!

The Facebook Skeletons Come Out [NYT]

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