Handy Fat Rolls Conceal Stolen Goodies for Enterprising Oklahoma Ladies

Here's one deserving the WTF tag, if there ever was. Two women have been arrested for shoplifting at a TJ Maxx in Oklahoma. This wasn't any boring old garden variety put-that-lipstick-in-your-purse shoplifting! Oh, no. They managed to shove four pairs of boots, three pairs of jeans, a wallet, and gloves "under their belly fat and breasts." IMPRESSIVE.

Officer James Hamm, who had to work to maintain a straight face when speaking to the press, said, "These two were actually concealing [the items] in areas of their body where excess skin was, under their chest area and armpits."

The two, Ailene Brown, 28, and Shmeco Thomas, 37, have been arrested. Brown also had a knife for cutting security tags...but she kept that in her purse.

This is what makes local news sing: "Anything they can open they will put things into."


[via Pat's Papers/Alva Review/Courier]

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