The 10 Best Rightblogger Rants of 2010: Obama vs. Jesus, The Sperm Donor Menace, And More!

3. Special Prize for Graphics. At Pajamas Media, "Zombie" examined the Texas schoolbook controversy (short vs: rightwingers made the books more rightwing) and came to what he probably considered a Solomonic conclusion: "However grotesque Texas' twisting of facts may seem at first glance, it's positively mild compared to what's going on coast-to-coast in the rest of the country's classrooms" -- that is, there's been a "subtle yet effective long-term project by the American left to fundamentally transform our schools" (too many ladies and minorities in textbooks, for example), and the Lone Staters are just trying to restore balance.

The whole five-part [!] series is a pip, but the illustration provided by Buzzsawmonkey is by far the most eloquent part:


Yes, that's Obama and Karl Marx fighting over a little boy with Jesus and Texas. And you thought The X-Men vs. The Avengers was epic!

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