The 2010 Rightblogger War on Christmas Special -- Featuring Abortion Gift Certificates!

Even when their enemies engaged in Christmas traditions, rightbloggers weren't happy. Tom Quiner asked, "Is an abortion a proper Christmas present?" He was talking about gift certificates offered by Planned Parenthood of Indiana. The organization actually mentions breast exams and Pap tests, not abortions, but "you CAN use them for abortions," Quiner explained. "Now Planned Parenthood proudly desecrates Christmas by promoting their services as a Christmas present."

Actually Planned Parenthood outlets have been selling gift certificates for years ("Planned Parenthood Gift Certificates Could Be Used for Deadly Purposes," roared Fox News in 2008), but this outrage is, as they say in the biz, an evergreen.

Here's your goddamn card, you monsters!
This year at a holiday bazaar Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest offered certificates good for preventative services. The Catholic Anchor of Anchorage, Alaska portrayed them as "gift certificates which can be used toward paying for abortions." Disabused, the Anchor later retracted, but by then the story had spread to many less fastidious outlets ("Abortion Gift Certificates? Yes, they exist").

Other Planned Parenthood Christmas items pissed them off, too. "Planned Parenthood promotes holiday abortion spirit with 'Choice on Earth' cards and gifts," lamented Jill Stanek. "PP of North FL is once again selling its holiday cookies, pictured, right, which look more like condoms to me." Politicaljunkie Mom criticized the PP card design: "You might want to consider having a broken baby bird trampled on the ground and the happy parents celebrating their freedom and choice above their dead child, which would reflect your mission and purpose." And a Happy New Year!

Rightbloggers did have some good news: Philadelphia changed the name of its annual "Holiday Village" back to "Christmas Village." John Bennett celebrated this capitulation by the Satanic forces of what he called "Toxic Tolerance": "If the liberal mayor of Philadelphia can be pressured to change course, just about anyone can," he said, "The first battle in the War on Christmas has been won by Judeo-Christian culture."

Also, a Rasmussen poll found that "92% of all [U.S.] Adults celebrate Christmas in their family" and "nearly two-thirds (65%) regard it as a religious holiday." And "very few Americans are offended when someone wishes them a 'Merry Christmas,' but most are more likely to say 'Happy Holidays' to someone else rather than risk offending them."

That sounds sensible enough. Rightbloggers celebrated, as you might expect, by complaining. "How does one celebrate the birth of Christ as a secular holiday, exactly?" scoffed theblogprof. Chicks on the Right wondered why we still have to "placate a few people who are OBVIOUS A$$HOLES."

Tom Blumer of NewsBusters took the occasion to grouse that despite the clear preference of his fellow countrymen, businesses continued to announce holiday sales rather than Christmas sales -- and that the press referred to holiday layoffs instead of the more festive and religiously-appropriate Christmas layoffs.

"Compared to past years," Blumer judged, "the press doesn't seem as receptive to using the word 'Christmas' in stories about layoffs, but has seemingly moved its Christmas emphasis to the perils of not extending unemployment benefits ad infinitum. He explained: "a Google News search done at about 2:30 p.m. on [Christmas "unemployment benefits"] (typed exactly as indicated between brackets) comes back with 1,570 items, which strikes me as quite a few, especially in comparison to the layoff numbers just noted." That lamestream media -- they hate Christmas, but aren't above using it to make people feel sorry for the jobless! No wonder Jesus is mad at them.

    Cheer up, guy -- only 12 slapping days left
    till the War on New Year's Eve.
George Scaggs suggested boycotting Christmas-unfriendly businesses in the holiday spirit. Not sure who to shun? We've got you covered!

The American Family Association offers a color-coded "Naughty or Nice" list. "Let Radio Shack, Office Depot and Staples know you are offended by their decision to purposely eliminate 'Christmas' from their advertising," they advise.

You can find more outrages at Defend Christmas, which claims to believe "the media is woefully irresponsible in fanning the flames of controversy," yet devotes most of its space to stories designed to do just that ("Santa Booted in Favor of Frosty in YMCA Political Correctness Transition").

There's also Grinch Alert, which asks you to help them track down "businesses and organizations that shut-out expressions of Christmas in their interactions with the public." Among those ratted out so far: Sears and K-Mart ("Say Happy holidays while selling Christmas trees"), and Mi Cocina in Southlake, Texas ("Even though the restaurant has put up Christmas decorations," says the informant, "if you're an employee and answer the phone, we have been told to say 'Happy Holidays'"). Others get kudos: "I flew Alaska Airlines on my way back to Dallas after Thanksgiving. When they served me my meal, I was really impressed to see a small card on my meal tray that had a Bible Verse on it."

But however you and your family choose to celebrate the War on Christmas -- whether by complaining, or complaining about complaining, or complaining about complaining about complaining -- in the spirit of toxic tolerance, we honor your choice. In the immortal words of Harvey Kurtzman, God help us, every one.

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