NYPD Sodomy Story: Angry Ass-Rapist Cops Strike Yet Again

Ralph Johnson, a "Wall Street financier," has filed a lawsuit against the NYPD, the AP reports. And if you've been paying attention, Johnson's claims might sound a bit familiar: He says that he, too, was sodomized by NYPD officers using a police baton when they responded to a domestic complaint back in 2004.

Via the Associated Press report:

Johnson is seeking unspecified damages from the city and the New York Police Department at his ongoing trial. In recent testimony, he told a jury that the officers violated him with a metal baton and sought to cover up the assault. "When I was face down ... my legs were held and I felt a sharp jabbing pain into my rectum," Johnson testified. A doctor who examined Johnson testified that he saw abrasions and oozing blood that were "consistent with what he said happened to him."

Johnson's lawyers have also introduced a pair of his jeans "with a hole torn through the seat and lab results confirming his DNA was on a skinny, retractable police baton."

Torn underwear, of course, was a central and controversial piece of evidence in the case of Michael Mineo, the Brooklyn tattoo artist who likewise claimed he was sodomized by police officers when they arrested him on a subway platform in 2008.

The officers in Mineo's case were acquitted in the criminal trial, although he's filed a civil suit against one of them that was in the news yesterday when the Daily News reported that the underwear had vanished from evidence storage. The AP also recalls a 1997 case, in which a Haitian man was sodomized with the handle of a bathroom plunger at the 70th precinct station house in Brooklyn. At least four of the five cops in that case pleaded guilty or were convicted of criminal charges and the victim's civil suit collected an $8.75 million settlement from the city.


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