Cathie Black Just Can't Catch a Break (Video)

Cathie Black is the new Joe Biden. A birth control joke by the novice Schools Chancellor at a parent-school official meeting, followed in quick succession by a Sophie's Choice allusion, have pissed people off royally. Oh come on! The first one's funny, at least.

At a meeting at Sheldon Silver's office, a parent was talking about overcrowding in schools and Cathie Black was all, "Could we just have some birth control for once?" Which has definitely, definitely crossed the mind of anyone staring down a horde of Park Slope strollers, but might not be totally appropriate for a meeting with parents. Strictly speaking.

Some people are managing to construe the comment as racist, but from watching the video, it just seems like a gaffe, pure and simple.

The comparison of the Department of Education's method of dealing with space concerns in different neighborhoods to Sophie's Choice is a little different, I guess because it obliquely references a child dying? Anyway, everyone's in a huff and the Department of Education even released a statement. Watch the video:

[Rosie Gray] [@_rosiegray]

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She has no business being in the position she's in. It's insulting. In that sense it doesn't matter what she says, it's just a reminder of the contempt Bloomberg has demonstrated and continutes to demonstrate for New Yorkers. On the other hand, her comment shows how utterly out of touch she is with people who desperately want a good education for their children but can't afford to send their children to private school. Imagine - if you are capable - what it's like to send your children to a school that more like a prison than a place to learn and then to find out that the city plans to cut back even more. It's a grotesque caricature of sympathy. Funny? Maybe if you're a completely cynical, the type of person who looks as a bunch of children in strollers and sees a "horde" and thinks "sterilization".


"Cathie Black is the new Joe Biden."

What an insult to Joe Biden. At least he has a clue and is good at and qualified for his job.

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