Fifteen Reactions to the Gay Cat Marriage

Bruno and Solomon, the grooms.
1. Cute.

2. This is a step in the right direction for the whole country.

3. So, they're in love?

4. So, they're gay?

5. Can cats be gay?

6. Can cats even, like, be friends?

7. "In a private Feline Marriage Ceremony, held by the cats and attended by their shelter friends, Solomon and Bruno will officially become a couple."

8. Can cats "hold" a marriage ceremony?

9. They have a gift registry?

10. Despite evidence to the contrary, I choose to believe that the registry is at Pottery Barn.

11. No but really, is this a sham?

12. An adorable sham!

13. If they can find love, can Lonesome George? The incredibly sad and old Galapagos tortoise?

14. Lonesome George found love!

15. Cute.

[Rosie Gray] [@_rosiegray]

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Myster Baad
Myster Baad

Cats do not know from teh ghey. That's a human thing, even tho some animals (like bonobos) may f members of the same sex.

These 2 cats are life partners because of kitty bonding. They take care of each other in their kitty way. But it's not a "marriage" in the human way, and not sexual even in the kitty way.

I s'pose you could call 'em "queer," but all cats are queer.

Don Corleone
Don Corleone

Congratulations, on this, the day of your cat's wedding. Salute!


The OFFICIAL wedding video will be released on Janu 28th!! Stay tuned...

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