Gabrielle Giffords' First Hospital Photos Released

Office of Gabrielle Giffords
Last night Gabrielle Giffords' office released photos of the wounded Arizona Congresswoman in her hospital room at the University Medical Center. The photos were reportedly taken on Sunday, January 9. In each, she holds the hand of her husband, astronaut Mark Kelly.

Neither photo shows Giffords' face, due to the severity of her head injuries. As we learned yesterday, she's able to breathe on her own, and doctors believe she has a 101 percent chance of survival.

Here's a close-up of Kelly holding her hand.

Office of Gabrielle Giffords

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Giving neck massages? really? please, we need not get too complaisant as we embellish the situation. She is reaching and stroking. Not a neck massage in my opinion. She can use her left side and it's great, but we need to see the right side move. The sooner, the better.


She is not alone when it comes to brain injuries. My mother had a stroke back in 2004 but it was not the result of being shot in the head, it was because she took a fatal pill to deal with a bad headache which lasted for days.

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