Getting Where You Want to Go Costs More Now!

Yes, your Metrocard is now more expensive. That's not the only thing. The New York Times has summarized the numerous annoying increased costs of travel in the city, noting that not only is the subway going to cost you more, but so will parking (as of today), bridge and tunnel tolls, license plates, gas (and thereby anything that runs on gas), and even a Central Park carriage ride, the cost of which has doubled since last year, not that you'd planned on taking one of those.

Overall, transportation costs have risen 3.7 percent in the last year, approximately, which outpaces inflation and is a greater increase than that seen with other "goods and services."

The Ikea ferry to Red Hook, once free, now costs $5, with a "free trip" back if you spend money at the store. Flights cost more, too! And, perhaps most ominously:

There have been reports of rogue pedicabs charging tourists $90 for rides around Central Park, despite attempts by the city to regulate pedal-powered rickshaws. "It's a lot worse for the customers now," said one veteran of the industry.

New parking rates go into effect today and will run $3 an hour below 86th Street in Manhattan and $1 an hour in other boroughs. The cost of taking cabs may be set to go up as well -- a group is petitioning to raise the initial fare from $2.50 to $3, and to charge $2.40 a mile instead of $2.

The good news: The Hampton Jitney has not raised prices in two years. Also free, minus the shoe leather: Walking, cycling, and complaining about the cost of transportation in New York City.


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walking and cycling will no longer be free soon, too. the police will start ticketing jaywalkers as well as pedestrians who violate the law and pose risk to other's well being (the police will think of something on whatever this may be), and cyclers will be given summons to those who do not obey traffic rules/laws, ride on the sidewalks, and go the wrong way of the bike lane. next thing you know, they'll be charging for every 311 call or complaints, too.

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