Jimmy McMillan Wants to Get Rid of Bike Lanes Because "Idiots Are Getting Run Over"

Surely you'll recall Jimmy McMillan, the "Rent Is Too Damn High" guy who made a splash just last year at the gubernatorial debate with his karate and badass black gloves and crazy facial hair stylings, and then his various music videos and album release and campaign message and whatnot? Well, he's not gone yet. Nope. He was recently interviewed by the Times' Local East Village. Unsurprisingly, he had some things to say about some things.

Among his suggestions: Stop paying people in government "football player" salaries; reduce rent to $550 a month for buildings built before 2001 and $750 per month for buildings built afterward (we could get behind that), and, perhaps most controversially, his view on bike lanes, as pointed out by our beloved East Village blogger EV Grieve:

Get rid of them. You have cars running up on bicycle lanes -- people are getting run over. These are idiots! There are not enough bicyclists. I did a personal count. In one week in the East Village on First Avenue and Second Avenue, there were about 25 people on each avenue. It's not enough. They're better for states with warmer climates, like in Florida. You cannot have bicycle lanes where there is snow.

McMillan also reveals that he didn't love his wife, which is why he left the East Village and moved to Brooklyn. And people who think he's a clown are in for a "rude awakening." He's holding a press conference next week in Tompkins Square Park to announce that he's running for president. Obama's been there long enough, he says, and he'd "have no problem getting any bill passed before the House and the Senate."

Jimmy McMillan Just Lost the Cyclist Vote [EV Grieve]


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I live on Bank Street in the West Village and I am fed up with these intrusive bike lanes. They have dug up, at tax payers expense, the end of my street four times because of the bike lane. You cannot get a cab on Bank and Bleecker any longer for fear of being hit by the angry frustrated drivers that have to wait in the middle of traffic for you to get into a cab. We have had fender benders, people struck, yes hit while trying to get around the crazy bike lane. A woman in a wheel chair coming off the curb into the bike lane to cross was hit by a garbage truck backing up into the bike lane. An elderly gentleman tripped on the island built there. When are New Yorkers going to be allowed to get in the news and state their dissatisfaction with Mr. Bloomberg's edicts! A bike lane, fine - but everywhere and cars parked in the middle of the street trying to get back into traffic causing accidents! And now, no parade on 7th Avenue?? Help people, stand up for our New York.

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