Khalid Killed Daniel Pearl — New Report Confirms It With Bloody Details

​A new report concludes after 31,000 words that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (above right) is not a liar: He really did kill Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl (above left) nine years ago in Pakistan, as Khalid had said. But there are lots of new details from this investigation, some of them gruesome, as the Washington Post notes today:

Mohammed slashed Pearl's throat, killing him, but one of his accomplices failed to operate the video camera, which they had brought to capture the murder for propaganda purposes. Mohammed restaged the killing, this time decapitating Pearl, according to the report. He then dismembered Pearl's body, and it was buried on the compound. Guards washed the bloody floor and then prayed, foreheads to the ground, on the same surface where their prisoner had just been killed, the report said.

See the report, "The Truth Left Behind," at the Center for Public Integrity.

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This guy is a piece of crap. I wish he would come to my home and try that here. Not saying Daiel Pearl wasnt fighting for his life but let this "Sheik" come to my neck of the woods and see what happens to him. Your nothing but a coward and there is a place in hell for you. You dont kill the jewish as THEY are GODS chosen people

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