Worst Ex-Boyfriend Ever Handcrafts "Vibrator Bomb" for Christmas

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This guy! Via The Smoking Gun
Oh, God help. You think you're having a nice, pleasant, snowy news day, just talking about abortions and bed bugs, and then all of a sudden some mullety creep appears who "fixed up" a Christmas gift vibrator real nice for his ex-girlfriend so that it would explode "down there" if she tried to use it. Great.

The Smoking Gun reports that Terry Allen Lester (why are they always named "Lester"?), a 37-year-old guy from Minnesota, put gun powder, BB shot, and buck shot into his lady's special friend. Only, she wasn't his lady anymore, which is why he was so mad.

Lester, whose rap sheet includes domestic assault and drunk driving busts, allegedly was planning on giving the vibrator as a Christmas gift to one of three former girlfriends, with whom he had relationships that "ended badly." The woman who contacted police said Lester told her that "when the device was inserted into the female he would pull the trigger and it would blow them up."

And New York's men are supposed to be bad? That's not very Minnesota-nice.

Waseca Police Department officers also found two other sex toys (a pink vibrator had "Merry X-mas Bitch" written on it in black ink) among Lester's belongings. After X-raying the black vibrator, bomb squad technicians "dismantled" the device and removed the gunpowder and projectiles.

Lester could get 10 years in prison, which surely will help him learn to love women.

Just 'cause it's Friday...

[via BoingBoing]


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