Rudy Giuliani Better Say "I'm Running"or We're Going to Stop Caring

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Just say it already!
Last month we urged our old mayor to give becoming the POTUS another try. We think that he might have heard our calls. He said last night on CNBC that he would "take a look at 2012. It's really a question of, can I play a useful role, would I have a chance of getting the nomination?" Oh, come on, Rudy, stop tippy-toe-ing around. Video of his remarks about China and the presidency after the jump.

We could do with having a New Yorker in the White House. But stop all this coy stuff, Rudy, since when have you ever been shy? Here you are in drag, rubbing your fake boobs in the face of the other "shy 2012 candidate" Donald Trump. Who also went on a talk show to rant about China and sound faux-presidential.

Listen up you two: Just say you're going to run so we can start covering all of your mistakes already. We're sick of writing rumor stories.

[via Gawker]

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Dear Village Voice,Don 't let up on pressuring Rudy. I am not from the great and courageous city of NY; I am fromKansas City, Mo. area, and Rudy has my and many of our friends' votes. Good luck in yourendeavor with him....he is our country's Mayor.

God Bless the USA!Marie

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