Snooki to Own World, One Fuzzy Slipper at a Time

Following in the plush footsteps of any double/triple/six-packed threat (what's with the Situation these days, anyway?), Snooki, who already, obviously, has a book out, not to mention her special limited edition New Year's Eve pendant, is set to unroll an unprecedented array of new "Snooki-branded" products, from fuzzy slippers to bling. She has New York firm SRG Ventures helping her, and they see potential -- tons of potential -- for expansion. Like...Denim! Lingerie! Beauty products! Bedding! Snooki-smells! Home goods!

Lest you forget, Season 3 of Jersey Shore, which put the little lady on the map in the first place, starts tonight. Set your DVRs.

But is this too fast? Too loose? The New York Post talked to some branding experts who warn Snooki of possible burnout -- could America have enough Snooki? Could Snooki have enough Snooki?

No such luck. Snooki has a flair for this sort of thing:

Re: Happy Feet, her fuzzy-slipper purveyor, the Post writes, "New Snooki-designed styles that feature animal prints and neon colors have already surpassed the six-figure mark in retail sales." And the pendant people are super-excited about her skills regarding her upcoming Valentine's Day pendant!

"We were surprised how involved she got into the process," DiamondShark Kenneth Hamlet said. "She said, 'I really think we need to put an arrow through it and put some gem stones on it and bling it out,' so we did."

Snooki has even branded her own father, Andy "Papa Snooki" Polizzi. Own that, Oprah.


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