Suicidal Man Saved by Landing in Pile of Garbage Called "an Idiot" by Landlord

There seems to have been absolutely zero love lost between the landlord of the suicidal man who jumped from a Midtown building on Sunday afternoon -- but who, luckily, landed on bags of left-behind garbage, which, somehow poetically, broke his fall and saved his life. The New York Post caught up with an agent for the building's owners, Jacques Michaane, who had these...shall we say...insensitive? downright horrible?...things to say about the jumper, 26-year-old Vangelis "Angelo" Kapatos:

"The guy is a nut job," Michaane told the Post. "He's an idiot because he tried to commit suicide and he failed. He's a danger to himself and a danger to everybody else.

"Nobody has paid rent in that apartment for almost two years. How about somebody pay the rent? . . . I met with him. He's mentally disturbed."

Meanwhile, an ex of Kapatos, who had attempted suicide several times previously, said "He's always talked about ending it," while Kapatos' aunt blamed his problems on the threat of eviction and family troubles.

Whatever the cause, someone calling him an idiot because he tried to commit suicide and failed, and is now in the hospital awaiting surgery, is pretty shitty all around. A little human kindness in the New Year, Mr. Michaane?


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JOEL A. MITOFSKY (1952-1998)GERALD SHAPIRO (N.Y.)WILLIAM 1. NEVILLE (N.Y.)TERRY L. HAZEN (N.Y. & CT.)MITOFSKY SHAPIRO NEVILLE & HAZEN LLPArrORNEYS AT LAW152 MADISON AVENUE, 3RD FLOORNEW YORK, NY 10016TEL: 212-736-0500FAX: 212-736-1177WRITER'S DIRECT DIAL: _January 4,2011SCOT MACKOFF (N.Y.)M. DAVID FONSECA (N.Y.)Via Certificate of MailNew York Post1211 Avenue of the AmericasNew York, New York 10036-8790Attn: Josh MargolinRe; "Idiot Tried to Commit Suicideand He Failed"325 West 45th Street, New York, New YorkDear Mr. Margolin:Please be advised that the undersigned's law firm represents 325 West 45th Street OwnersCorp., (hereinafter the "Owners Corp") the Owner/Landlord ofthe building located at 325 West 45thStreet, New York, New York, as well as the management company retained by the Owners Corp.,to manage the property at 325 West 45th Street, New York, New York.Please be advised that a review of your article [also written by Amber Sutherland andRebecca Rosenberg] published in the January 4, 2011 edition of the New York Post, revealed thereis a serious factual error within the article, which reflects negatively upon my clients.Mr. Jacques Michaane, identified in your article as "building agent", has absolutely norelationship with either the Owners Corp., nor the management company which manages thebuilding.Please be advised that Kapatos is an occupant ofapartment 902 within the building. This isa cooperative apartment and its shares are owned by an individual, not the Owners Corp. Mr.Michanne is an agent of the shareholder of apartment 902. It is the shareholder of apartment 902,who is the landlord ofthat apartment. The Owners Corp is not Kapatos' landlord. The Owners Corphas no contractual relationship with Kapatos and is not seeking any rent from Kapatos.MITOFSKY SHAPIRO NEVILLE & HAZEN LLPContinued page 2The inflammatory and negative comments of Michanne are solely his and possibly those ofthe shareholder. Michanne does not speak for the Owners Corp, nor any other person or entityassociated with building management. Michanne's comments do not represent the opinion of theOwners Corp nor of building management.It is demanded that an immediate correction ofthe story be published in both the printed andon-line versions of your newspaper, clearly setting forth that Michanne is not an agent of the"building owner", nor is he a "building agent".It is further demanded that it be clearly stated that the Owners Corp is not Kapatos' landlord.Thus any claim or suggestion that the reason for Kapatos' actions was a "greedy landlord", is notbased upon any action of the Owners Corp.It is anticipated that your newspaper will immediately publish a correction of the errorswithin the story and there will be no need for any action to be taken against you, your co-writers andthe newspaper.Very truly yours,cc: New York Post1211 Avenue of the AmericasNew York, New York 10036-8790Attn: Local News Editor-and-New York Post1211 Avenue of the AmericasNew York, New York 10036-8790Attn: Amber Sutherland-and-New York Post1211 Avenue of the AmericasNew York, New York 10036-8790Attn: Rebecca Rosenberg

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