Did Jared Loughner's Family Barricade Their Arizona Home During His Court Appearance?

Jared Lee Loughner, the alleged Arizona shooter, was in court this morning for a preliminary trial and is being described by CNN as "very polite." He wore a tan prison jumpsuit and was chained at the feet and ankles. The judge engaged Loughner and asked him to confirm his identity and he responded, "Yes. I am Jared Lee Loughner." The preliminary hearing took about 15 minutes. When the judge talked about the murder of John McCarthy Roll, the federal judge that was shot, Loughner took a considerable pause. According to CNN, the court was packed with media, court personnel and security, though Loughner's family was not in attendance; concurrent reports had them barricaded in their home, refusing the FBI entry.

Local Arizona news organizations are saying that Loughner's family closed themselves in their home this morning and wouldn't let FBI investigators come in. AZ Central reports:

Family members of Jared Loughner apparently had put on 4-by-4 double-thick plywood that blocked access to the front porch of their north Tucson home.

But the Tuscon Sentinel says that story is a little off:

While a piece of plywood blocks access to the front door, an agent knocked on a front window, the source said. After a few minutes of knocking and waiting, a man appeared at a side gate and let the agents into the yard of the home, the source said.

As of 1:49 p.m. MST, local CBS 5 News confirmed via a "neighbor" that FBI agents were inside the Loughner home. We'll keep updating with new information as it comes.


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I am quite interested in learning what his parents did (if anything) concerning their son's mental instability. Did they try learn about what was wrong with him and to obtain treatment for him? Did they know that he was planning a murderous rampage against Ms Giffords. Were they aware of his difficulties in school-that was making threats against students and teachers. That he had contact with local law enforcement officials and making threats against them as well? Were they aware of his postings on line? Were they aware of his videos on YouTube? Did they know he had a gun?

If they knew any of this why oh why didn't they do anything to prevent it from happening?

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