'Who's My Landlord?' Cover Story Inspires Useful Website, App

In November, the Voice published a cover story that turned the maddening effort by slumlords to cover their tracks into a mock board game.

Little did we know that some web geeks would get inspired and turn our make-believe project into an actual, and useful game!

A team of web designers who call themselves The Great Urban Hack turned 'Who's My Landlord?' into a website and iPhone app that will turn any curious tenant into a property sleuth.

They also put together a wiki and did it all in a remarkably short amount of time. The Great Urban Hacksters are now entering their creation in the NYC BigApps Competition (We hope they win).

The app and website is pretty slick, and it's going to save us (and curious tenants) many, many hours of work searching for information that you could previously find only in separate places.

So check it out. Go to the site, type in your building. See how much it sold for, who owns it, and how many violations and 3-1-1 complaints there are on the building. Give them your feedback.

Hey guys: We're flattered!


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Oh my gosh - that's our app! Woah, thank's Elizabeth, should have given you a proper heads up about that. Slight correction, The Great Urban Hack was an event thrown in San Francisco and NYC in november to get journalists and developers together to create a piece of open source software that would make our cities better places to live. In NYC Hacks-Hackers sponsored the sleep over hackathon event which took place at Eyebeam - you can read more about it here: http://meetupnyc.hackshackers.... - Big thanks to everyone giving their support and to everyone that worked on the project that weekend that kickstarted it all!


Link works now. Sorry for the screwup.


The link to the Who's My Landlord website does not work

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