Verizon iPhone Is Here; Miley Cyrus Regrets Legal Bong Hit; Andrew Cuomo Will Push for Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage

• The Verizon iPhone is here! The Verizon iPhone is here! We're excited. [NYP]

Miley Cyrus has come forward to admit that smoking Salvia was actually not such a good idea. Because she's Miley, and people expect more of her than they do just regular old non-celebrity people. Oh, Miley. [People]

House Republicans are asking for $74 billion in cuts to President Obama's budget request. That would "wipe out family planning programs, take 4,500 cops off the street and slice 10 percent from a food program that aids pregnant women and their babies," among other things. [WP]

• New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has said that he'll push for the legalization of same-sex marriage in the next few months. Previously, the legislation has passed in the State Assembly but failed in the State Senate. [NYT]

Mayor Bloomberg's house elevator is "unsatisfactory," and has been rated as such 5 times in the past years. Related: Mayor Bloomberg has a house elevator? [NYDN]

British men are choosing lingerie instead of roses for Valentine's Day. For their girlfriends. Better bang for the buck, apparently. [Yahoo]

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KB Home Sucks
KB Home Sucks

Imagine give this guy an award (SMA) so he won't investigate your magazine. Just went to people dot com and used their search tool. no mention of Andrew Cuomo voted as sexiest man alive? Running with the press release, Didn't do your homework? Lazy webmaster at the People website? About Sandra Lee and her ex husband, Bruce Karatz crimes will be felt by my grandchildren and great grandchildren not by his grandchildren. As the homes he built fall into the ground from shoddy, deceptive building practices accepted as the norm by United States politicians. Bruce has lined his pockets and his close circle of friends. Even Michael Milken the junk bond king did 4 years came down with cancer and paid $500 Million for his crimes. Stealing is not a crime to while collar criminals. Getting caught is the real crime. Cuomo's girlfriend Sandra Lee may have been paid off in her divorce settlement with Bruce Karatz (the Felon's) ill gotten gains? Andy can you look into this?

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