Anonymous Hackers Do Their Tiny Part in Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen

Anonymous -- the scattered, non-hierarchical and anarchistic hacker group best known for their prolonged campaign against Scientology -- have transitioned recently not only into a pro-WikiLeaks group, but also into fervent supporters of revolution in the Middle East. Yesterday, about 500 members of the group worked to crash the websites of Egypt's Ministry of Information and President Hosni Mubarak's National Democratic Party, just as they promised to, following similar attacks in Tunisia and with Yemen next on their schedule.

The New York Times reports:

The attacks, Mr. Housh said, are part of a wider campaign that Anonymous has mounted in support of the antigovernment protests that have roiled the Arab world. Last month, the group shut down the Web sites of the Tunisian government and stock exchange in support of the uprising that forced the country's dictator, Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali, to flee.

But Gawker's Adrien Chen reports that follow-up web raids in Yemen came soon after, despite the fact that only about five percent of the country has access to internet in the first place. Still:

A bulletin in the Anonymous chat room dedicated to Operation Yemen boasts about taking down the Yemeni Ministry of Information's website: " We Iz Down." The website of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh is offline too—probably the work of the Anonymous. The Operation Yemen chat room is quiet now, but it's safe to say chatter will start up once Yemenis take to the street. Some Anonymous members have already drawn up a list of Yemeni websites to target.

Could President Obama function without his official website? Without a doubt -- and this in a country where more than 75 percent of people are internet users. So in the case of the Middle East, the hacking is little more than a symbolic showing of faraway solidarity. Moreover, considering how few of the actual protesters will ever know of the action, it's likely just a power play for respect from fellow distant spectators to admire. But that doesn't mean their reach isn't impressive. Just think of it as one more headache for any struggling regime.

Hackers Shut Down Government Sites [NYT]
Anonymous Hackers Attack Yemeni Government [Gawker]

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I'm not a big fan off Scientology but what are their crimes?

Scientology Student Terryeo


Good question, Terryeo. You mean outside of Miscavige beating his staff and misusing the technology of Scientology for personal gain? Of course that isn't a crime of Scientology which is a body of knowledge, but a crime of one man who is in a position of trust.

The real crime of "Scientology" is against their own followers. Understand that people come into Scientology to gain emotional freedom, self-determinism, and certainty that they can succeed in this and any future lifetimes. It is a big goal, not just a little one.

In practice the Church management has it set up that no one can truly go free. It is fraud. You may not see that because you get your wins, your steps toward freedom. But just the steps you can pay for or exchange for. I assume you are an average guy with no hundreds of thousands of extra money in the bank to pay for your bridge?Then you aren't going to make it all the way in one lifetime because you just aren't financially able to do it. You can take some steps and pay, and get some gain, but never achieve what was promised in Scientology because the policies have priced you out of the game.

That is a crime. It is boobie trapped. It is fraud to present that you can go free through Scientology application then make it so expensive the only a few can achieve it. And if only a few can make it through, what does that do for the purported goal of "Clearing the Planet?" In the Church, they say one thing and do another.

It costs as much for an e-meter as it does a used car. The parts for the meter can't run more than $300 and the labor is almost free. The rest is pure profit for the Church and a big financial block to making auditors. Auditors can't train without an emeter, or even two!

Then there is the disconnection game which destroys families, cuts their communication to each other. It is a control mechanism. Even though we don't need to practice disconnection any longer per the policy of "Disconnection cancelled"the Church still DOES practice that, and that means family members wind up not being able to talk to each other. That is just non survival.

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That's a crime.

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