Black FDNY Electrician Confronted with Noose

Looks like race will continue to be a hot issue with the FDNY. According to the Daily News, a black FDNY electrician allegedly found a noose outside of his work locker over the weekend.

The News reports that the electrician, Gregory Seabrook, was one of four black FDNY electricians who "filed complaints with the New York State Division of Human Rights, charging the Fire Department overlooks minority electricians for overtime opportunities and promotions." (Our favorite reader comment so far on the News story: "Why is this a racial incident anyway? Was there a note attached saying anything Racial? Or, is it an ASSUMPTION, that it is Racial???")

As the Voice reported in December, race has long been a point of contention within the fire department. Though the city is a quarter African American, less than 4 percent of its firefighters are black. The U.S. Department of Justice, along with the New York Vulcan Society, won a suit against the city last year in federal court, which commanded the city to change its hiring test and practices. However, given that the city is instituting staffing cuts in firehouses, it's unlikely any of those hiring changes will be implemented anytime soon.

We've reached out to Seabrook's attorney and will update with more details after we speak to him.

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FDNY electrician not firefighter has nothing to do with test issue which is also bogus


As ugly as this situation is, the plaintiff here is not a fireman. I have been a fireman for seven years and can shed some light on the situation. He is an electrician that works for the department. This did NOT happen in a firehouse and was NOT perpetrated by firefighters. If he ever goes to a firehouse to fix an electrical problem, I guarantee that he would be treated a an honored guest.


Mark, stop stoking the fire and fight them! Its been FIREFIGHTERS for over 35 years now! Otherwise all good points except maybe the honored part! When i was OTJ as our brothers & sisters in the NYPD say, the pending arrival of any Dept craftsman was greeted with mixed feelings. This event was usually heralded by the delivery of a large red wood wheeled TOOLBox anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks before the apperence of the craftsman who then commenced to evaluate the JOB. If he determined that he could handle it, completion could be anticipated in 6 to 36 weeks. Of course big jobs took longer, they were like the distant relatives you never heard from, who arrived unexpectadly and seemed to never leave!

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