Dating New York Senators Outed in Page Six

There's harmony among the boroughs, but chaos in the state senate thanks to one of Albany's "worst-kept secrets": Diane Savino, who represents Brooklyn and Staten Island, is dating Jeffrey Klein of the Bronx and Westchester. Page Six says the couple is "known as 'Klavino,' a la Brangelina" and keeps getting caught together -- canoodling, probably -- "at upstate hot spots and holiday parties since last year's primary." The problem is that the pair's closeness may have contributed to Savino leaving the Democratic Conference and joining Klein's Independent Democratic Conference, thereby "narrowly dividing the Senate." As if it wasn't wacky enough up there already.

Leave it to oafs in the state senate to simplify a female's political defection to a case of following a lover. Page Six advances that theory, but then gives Savino a brief chance to speak for herself:

Savino denied any connection between her romance and her decision to join Klein's group. Confirming the relationship, she told us, "I have good taste in both men and politics."

In lighter and more provable news, "They're always together outside of the capitol smoking cigarettes," which sounds sort of adorable. And for this, "political sparks are flying." Rebels, baby. Born to run, etc.

Meet Albany's 'Brangelina' [NYP]

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