Stop-Work Orders Posted at 35 Cooper Square

The demolition on 35 Cooper Square has apparently been halted overnight. Full work stop notices appeared on the building site yesterday citing the site's failure to "safeguard public and property affected by construction operations." But when we called the Department of Buildings, they said "they didn't have that in their system." Seems to be some confusion here.

Here's a picture of one of the notices posted on the site last night:

One of the notices on the site

The note on the bottom reads:

Failure to safeguard public and property affected by construction operations. Defects noted: At the time of inspection there is no protection at lower roof of property. Site/roof is accessible by anyone by way of adjacent property 2nd floor bar area at 25 Cooper Square. Roof has been partially stripped to sheathing and in some places joists. Access is gained over small parapet divider between properties.

Stop all work! Make site safe!

Climbing from the Cooper Square Hotel bar into an abandoned construction site? Did someone really do that? Where do we sign up?

Another notice on the building:


Interestingly, though this official-looking notice has the phone number for the Department of Buildings on it, the Department of Buildings didn't seem to know anything was wrong with the site in the first place. We'll keep an eye across the street to see if anything's going on.


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Hettie Jones
Hettie Jones

We all know the procedure--hack open a building and then condemn it. The people who are doing this have no regard for history OR the future. Again, this is not--I repeat, NOT, Abu Dhabi!


The DOB needs to stop this destruction work permanently!!! There is enough community support for the saving of this historic house to justify its protection.


The truth is, it's not really about entry to the site, but I did see a lot of open areas-leaving the site open to "vandals" to do "other work" perhaps...but the real problem is that they were hacking at the roof with axes, hosing it down to cause water damage to the building, stripping the dormers of their little roofs, and leaving the roof and dormers open to damage from the elements(weather). All this done without any permits posted and they got away with it on Saturday. Apparently there was an inspection on Sunday, but no one was working-there was just this obvious mess of uncovered damage-no violation posted. On Monday they are hacking away again, under a blue tarp, axing, hosing down, and ripping up. On Monday they get hit with a Stop Work order, they leave the site without the blue tarp to protect from the elements, and the Stop Work order is about leaving the place unsecured. They had no right to rip up the roof-no permit posted, and to tell the neighborhood residents, it was for asbestos removal-no protections. Everything that's going on with this is wrong. The Dept. of Buildings has not targeted what they were actually doing, and found a cheap way to issue a Stop Work violation-unsecured area...well it's more than that. I'm really fed up with this. This is not about Government at Work, it is "Government at Work"-fill in the blanks...


This city has really learned nothing from the demolition of Penn Station--the reason for the formation of the LPC. When these wonderful historic gems have been obliterated and massive, sterile structures have taken their place, will we, once again, then bemoan the loss of what once existed in our communities? 35 Cooper Square is irreplaceable and is a tragic loss. Obviously, history has not taught us any hard lessons.

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