Half of American Women Are Batshit Crazy

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Fitness magazine is yet again asking the hard questions: Would you skip sex for a year if that meant you would be skinny? Or...would you prefer to "have great sex and be 30 pounds overweight"? A little more than half of their survey group of 2,400 ladies said they'd skip the sex. Portions of these women had also deleted Facebook photos because "they thought they looked fat," attempted gross eating regimens like juice cleanses and baby food diets through which they were "starving the whole time," skipped meals regularly, and visited the gym for two or more hours a day.

Could it be possible that these women who would rather be skinny than have sex don't have sex in the first place because they're too busy eating baby food and going to the gym all the time? Or are Fitness magazine readers just off their rockers? Nearly half of them were on a diet at the time of this poll. Starvation does make you crazy, you know -- crazy enough to answer ridiculous polls that assume sex and thinness are mutually exclusive.

If you are really obsessed with being skinny, skip butter for a year -- not sex. (But why would you do either?)

Women are sex starved [NYP, via Pat's Papers]

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batty batty batty
batty batty batty

If you aren't missing something (sex) maybe it's because it's not that good in the first place. Being selfish isn't always bad. Ladies, that is one thing we can learn from men who have that market cornered.

Skinny or fat, better sex is what is needed. Too bad for the guys that can't get it up cause his beautiful partner has extra weight. Women love you enough to move your big gut out of the way to give you a bj, so a little reciprocation wouldn't hurt.

Society and media do not value the "unattractive" so why is it surprising?


Are they batshit crazy, or do they understand that they are judged on how much they weigh, while no one cares if they are having sex?

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