Hosni Mubarak For Sale on eBay

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Hosni Mubarak, the embattled Egyptian dictator, is for sale on eBay with bidding still at the low, low price of $90.00 at the moment, with only 12 bids in. From Art Threat comes news of the odd auction, which says that "100% of the final sale price will support Oxfam America."

Whether eBay deletes the item or let's it go to completion, hoping that anyone who would bid knows they're getting nothing in return, remains to be seen, but a little bit of satirical charity never hurt anyone.

Here's the full listing, for now (Update: the listing was indeed removed):

Buy your very own used Egyptian dictator! President Hosni Mubarak is 82 years old. He is currently the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt, a position he has held for 30 years! Don't miss out on this opportunity to buy your very own despot!

All items sold in "as-is" condition! No exchanges! No returns! Thanks for looking and happy bidding!

The auction page also features some questions and answers from potential buyers:

Q: Are there any care and feeding instructions included? Are there any hidden charges such as needing to care for his spouse or his son?
A: He loves chicken wings and is otherwise very easy to care for! No need to care for his wife and son! This auction is solely for the despot!

And yes, they will ship internationally.


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The Mubarak listing has been removed by Ebay for violating their policy against selling "humans, human bodies or human body parts". As such, Mubarak is now listed as an "antique" for sale on Craigslist: http://reno.craigslist.org/atq...

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