Julian Assange Fathered Four Kids, At Least, According to New WikiLeaks Book

Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, is many things to many people: hero, online dater, sexual abuser, creepy old guy and much more. He's also "Dad," to at least four worldwide, he allegedly told ex-WikiLeaks spokesman Daniel Domscheit-Berg, author of the new book, Inside WikiLeaks: My Time with Julian Assange at the World's Most Dangerous Website. And Assange likes it that way.

Gawker has a new excerpt from the tell-all, detailing Assange's odd machismo about procreating with a variety of women in a variety of places. Salacious, sure, but not altogether incompatible with the various other information we've read about the international man of mystery:

"Often I sat in large groups and listened to Julian boast about how many children he had fathered in various parts of the world. He seemed to enjoy the idea of lots and lots of Julians, one on every continent. Whether he took care of any of these alleged children, or whether they existed at all, was another question."

Domscheit-Berg goes on to write that Assange's plan with women was to ignore them, mostly: "His lack of interest was attractive." (Sounds like somebody read The Game.)

The only one of Assange's "little Julians" known to exist for sure is 20-year-old Daniel Assange, who has been known to talk about his father's work on his Twitter page.

As for the rest of the little rascals, it sure does put some things into perspective. As Gawker notes, "Assange is not the world's biggest proponent of protected sex," and Domscheit-Berg's allegations as to Assange's affinity for impregnating multiple women sure do make all this rape stuff even creepier.

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The man sounds like a JFK and Bill Clinton without a condom. They too had state and corporate secrets dealing with corruption and graft which, if they had the social conscience to disclose it, would have changed the world to the better.The same applies to other behind-the­-scenes sexually promiscuou­s corporate and political leaders in America and elsewhere, but who unfortunat­ely also chose/choo­se to keep secret the poisonous data that could change to the better the way the world operates.Julian Assange does release such data and is an instrument of change -- except when it comes to his sexual adventures and abuses, which make him a pecker in the worst way the word can be used.However, that does not discredit the important work WikiLeaks performs. Mr. Assange, release the secret bank data involving widespread corruption on Wall Street as soon as possible. Rudy HaugenederCanada

Sandi Dunn
Sandi Dunn

This all sounds made up to me like tabloid stuff, by the 'jealous guys' who wish they could do what Julian does. And, if he really is an abuser of women why arn't they lining up to tell thier stories to the press - like all the failed journos (mostly men) in Julian's life who are now in fact trying to gain fame and money by writing books and articles about/against him.

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